Favorite Websites

Welcome to Bryan's list of favorite websites. My favorite websites correspond to some of the things I love to do. Although I don't look like it, I am a guy that loves to eat as the 1st few sites listed below can reveal. I also enjoy listening to music and watching videos on the internet in my spare time. So for this assignment I will give my critique on the websites I often visit.


Red Robin

Red Robin.com is the website to the restaurant that specializes in gourmet burgers. Red Robin is at the top of my list as favorite restaurant. The clarity of the website is excellent and the pictures of the menu items are so tempting. The website has taken full advantage of the resources of the internet.Red Robin is also connected to social sites such as facebook, twitter, and youtube. The website is neat, organized, and easy to use. I don't see of a way to improve the site.
Grade: A


IHOP.com is a website for another one of my favorite restaurants.I am proof that the website is effective because anytime I go on this site, I'm ususally checking the menu and preparing to order right away. The pictures of the food servedare so pleasing to the eyes that it is hard to resist being a patron of this establishment. IHOP takes advantage of the internet resources while maintaining its simplicity to operate. Although the site provides a great visual insight of the restaurant, the menu on the site does not display the price of the pictured food.Addin the prices to the menu items would be a graet improvement to the site.
Grade: A

Pizza Hut

Pizza.com is an effective site that promotes pizza, pasta, wings, and etc. The customer has the power to create their own pizza and see how it will look with the pizza builder application. The website is easy to navigate and the picturesof the many different pizza combinations are appealing to the eyes. Although I'm a big fan of Pizza Hut, the last few times I've ordered from online my order was wrong. Maybe the website needs to update the order taking application on the website.
Grade: B-



Pandora.com is an awesome internet radio website which gives the user the power to create up 100 playlists. Pandora is a great alternative to traditional radio because the user is able to listen to songs they enjoy and songs similar to their favorite tunes. Pandora is simple to navigate and the user is given access to thousands of songs; unlike traditional radio stations, Pandora avoids being redundant which is a big plus to most users Pandora is a free website, for it is not required for a fee to be paid to start a basic page; just sign up and begin listening to music immediately. The shuffle system the site uses to put together a playlist has been pretty accurate in chosing songs that match my preference. The only thing I don't like about the website is the same annoying Nivea advertisement was played after every other song, but this can be avoided by upgrading to either a $3.99 for one month subscription or $36 for one year subscription.
Grade: A+


Youtube.com is a video sharing website that allow users to upload, watch, and share videos. Youtube gets heavy traffic receiving millions of views daily. Youtube has a wide audience range with different interests such as movies, music, music videos, tutorials, commercials, and etc. The website ia organized and easy to use; just type in something you want to see and most likely it will be a video about that subject. For example, if a person didn't know how to use the website, there are videos posted on "How to use Youtube" that will show the steps to take to operate the website. The only thing I don't like about youtube is that children can easily access videos that may not be suitable for them.
Grade: C+


Facebook.com is a social networking website that most people use to keep connected with family and friends. With close to one billion users, Facebook is currently one of the most effective websites on the internet. Facebook can be used as a way to chat with family, promote a business, promote other websites,etc. Facebook is simple to use and anybody that has computer access can sign up. Not only does Facebook offer a site for people to connect, but there are plenty of applications and games that the subscriber can use. Personally,I would improve the site by getting rid of the section that shows everytime a friend likes anything; it is very annoying.
Grade: B+

Web Source

Web source is a website that provide the user with different html codes that can be useful in building a website. Before this class, I knew nothing of this website's existence, but now I find myself on this site often looking for codes. The website is built for someone who is interested in building or improving a website. Web Source is not flashy or fancy meaning it has no colorful backgrounds, but there is enough information on the site to help someone else make a flashy website. The page is basic in design but it serves it's purpose and the site is informative. The only thing that could be improved is adding a warning that alerts the user that some codes may not be compatiable with some web design software.
Grade: B+

Veteran Services

Department of Veterans Affairs

VA.gov is an website geared towards helping veterans and their families in requesting and receiving the benefits and services associated with military service. The website is effective in getting things handled quicker than by mail.The site has many catergories and sub-catergories that could confuse an unfamiliar site visitor. To the defense of the website, there is a site navigator that is helpful in guiding users through the site. The site is very resourceful and contains plenty of information that could be useful to many veterans everywhere. As for improvements, the site has already made great changes since the first time I visited the site in 2006.
Grade: B


USAA.com is an online banking website that supports the active duty military, reserve/national gaurd, military veterans and their families. USAA offers an effective service to customers seeking insurance, banking, home loans and etc.USAA takes full advantage of the resources of the internet; likewise, providing the users with resourceful banking. The website is filled with useful content of all the services offered by USAA; also, the account tools allow the customers to closely observe their spending, investments, and saving goals. I've been banking with USAA for 1 year now and I find the service to be great; So far, I have not had any problems with the banking service offered by USAA. The website has well established menu bars that have active and useful links. I am not able to find a weak point on the website because the websites serves its purpose.
Grade: A+