The main point of this website is to inform others about NFL changes. In order for the normal voice to be heard, Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner can be contacted. If you would like to know more information on rules, there are many different websites that can be gone to. I have taken the liberty of evaluating ten of my favorite sports websites. They are filled with information that can get into more depth of what I have been trying to get across in my website. For instance, ESPN is a very well known site that can explain rules as well as show current things. It is up to date as well as the other sites I have included. ESPN is done very well. It has been updated from how it used to be. It is actually more user friendly than some of the other websites that I have listed below. Basically, if you want to see something, just click right on the link and it will direct you right there. For instance, if someone should want to see the scores or schedules, there are tabs to click, and it directs right to that spot. This website is very original, and it contains a lot of useful content. Overall, I would say that this website was done well, and it was not just thrown together. You should not be able to just read a whole webpage in one sitting. This website seems to be the most original. A few other sites that can be included are Fox Sports, yahoo sports, sports illustrated, sports center, and the sports network. Fox sportsis effective, but it is pretty much just like the rest of the local network stations. Yahoo sports is effective, but not all of it is original content. It is effective because a lot of people use the site for fantasy football. ESPN has a tab for fantasy football as well, but it is a little more user friendly on yahoo sports. Sports illustrated works well and it is user friendly. A good thing about this site is that it includes headlines with valuable information that is up to date. It talks about the top stories, truth and rumors, some of the writers for Sports Illustrated, NFL team webpages, and more. Sports center is probably the second best out of the list that I have provided. ESPN and sports center are the closest related, but they are not copying each other's information. This site as well as ESPN does include PTI which is Pardon the interruption. It shows a good number of highlights as well as rules for people who may not understand the NFL. Sports network is in the top along with ESPN and sports center. It works because the scoreboard is right on the homepage, so a person who is in a rush does not have to click on a link.The pictures look to be high definition on this website. The ads that are being used are effective, and everything seems to work pretty well on this page.