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Grade: A++

Kongregate is the best flash game site on the internet in my opinion. It is extremely well organized in all aspects. The amount of games on the website is in the thousands, so a person can almost never run out of something to play. Along with what is already on dozens of games are added everyday. There is a profile system where people can register a username and play certain games to achieve different variables that earn them points. These points contribute to a persons profile level, which earns bragging rights in the chat rooms. The chat rooms load up with the games which allows a person to play games and talk to others at the same time. Users can rate games based on a 1-5 star rating and games are arranged in highest ranking order normally, but can be arranged in a large variety of ways to math the users taste. This website serves the video game playing audience on the web. In my opinion this website needs no improvement.

Grade: B-

Newgrounds is a decent flash game site and the origin of alot of internet phenomenon. It has a large amount of games and along with games it has flash videos to watch. It contains a "Mature" section that one may or may not enjoy based on their own personal tastes. The games are varied and organized decently. This website serves the video game playing audience on the web and anyone with a random video to float around. The site as a whole is poorly organized and could use improvement, as well as it's sheer volume of gaming.

Grade: B

Armorgames is a good flash game site that focuses on flash games made by their own company. It has a large amount of games and most of them are good. There is alot of variation among the games supplied and some of the games are remakes and variations of classics like Sonic and Mario, which is a bonus point in my book. This website serves strictly to the video game playing audience of the web. It could use a better looking design and a larger pool of games to choose from.

Grade: B+

Xgenstudios is a great flash game site that holds true to the saying "quality over quantity." It only has a few dozen games, but all of them are amazing and can consume hours of a persons time in the blink of an eye. There are a good deal of multiplayer games on the website that help to bring online gamers together. This website serves solely to the video game playing audience on the web. Despite the fact all the games are high quality there could still be a greater number of them to improve the website.


Grade: C

Addictinggames is a decent flash game site that is quite average in all aspects of it. The organization is okay, but not great. The amount of games and quality of those games is average and almost bland. It has alot of potential to become a great site, but at the moment none of that potential has been tapped at all. This website caters to the video game playing audience on the web. To improve the website just about all of the website could use an some extra work.


Grade: D+

Flashgames247 is a rather bad flash game site that is less than mediocre overall. The website is one of the most horribly organized flash game sites out there and one would have to search hard to find anything in particular they are looking for. The amount of games is quite low, though the games themselves are of average quality and not necessarily bad games. The site is decent if you can manage to find a game you want to play. This website caters only to the video game playing audience on the web. This website could improve alot with a decently organized interface and some more games.


Grade: D-

Orisinal is an awful flash game site that I suggest people avoid at all costs. The website has only a handful of games and almost all, if not all, of the games are horrible and boring. The organization of the site isn't that bad, but could be better. There are only 60 games on the site and it has been around since 2001. This website serves the video game playing audience on the web. The website could be made tolerable and maybe even good if there were alot more games and games of decent quality.