Proposal for Final Site

Christina Erben
HTML Proposal
Paul Joseph

Website Proposal:

            I want to make a website based on my mother’s business SMILE. SMILE stands for simulating and modeling inclusive learning environments.  SMILE supports, promotes, and provides inclusive learning. Inclusive learning involves special needs children and typically developing children being taught within the same classroom. The purpose of this website would be to offer information about SMILE and its services to its target audience, parents of children with special needs.  The website would include the following: introduction and information about SMILE, SMILE mission statement, staff information and pictures, contact information, sign up information and form, summer activity schedule, SMILE expansion and future planning, how to volunteer at SMILE, donations list/ needed supplies list with information on how and where to donate, a “SMILE Smile’s Back” page to pay tribute to those that have volunteered and/or donated, an article archive including articles covering the development of SMILE and so on, and a SMILE history page which would trace the beginnings of SMILE development and the people behind it.  After recently learning about the slice method, I plan to construct the majority of my page using Adobe Photoshop CS2.  I believe that by doing so, I will be able to bring more creativity and individuality to the site than by just using Dreamweaver.