Web Journal

googlegoogle Google is one of the leading search engine sites. It navigates thoroughly and well. Its advantages include that it corrects misspellings and produces a large number of findings for any keyword search. Its disadvantages are that it is a keyword search it is the responsibility of the user to be as accurate as possible so the keyword(s) won't be misinterpreted. 
    Ebay is great for bargain shoppers and hard to find items.  Its advantages include: great for finding low prices and usually carries items that are rare or hard to find (example, out of print books) Its disadvantages include that it is an auction site, which means its only usually a bargain if you can bid on it and get a low price, buy now prices are usually much higher, and an item that was not worth that much could also be priced higher depending on the person selling it (often, some people do not realize the true value, and while they may think they’re getting a bargain they’re really being ripped off. The same goes for imitation items as well as the quality of items (photographs can be deceiving)
wikipediaWikipedia Although this site is not great for using as a research paper source, it is a great way to get a quick know how about virtually any topic. Its advantages: great for a quick reference, open for people to add to information and change Its disadvantage: not a reliable source, since just about anyone can submit information about a topic (and it’s not always correct)
  Myspace is a directory for friends. Its advantages: unlimited picture displays, provides messaging and communication, you can keep up with and find friends that you may have lost touch with. It also allows you to search through several well known artists as well as independent artists and sample full length tracks. Its disadvantages: you can never permanently delete yourself from the database.
  Its advantages: like most internet hosts it provides a wealth of user information, including news and others related categories as well as email and other user communication items (even banking). Its disadvantages: Not as much of a problem anymore, but this service was only available for those who had aol for internet access (or those that had paid for it) while that isn’t as much of a problem today, aol was late in offering this service for free, and now has to compete with long running competition like Yahoo and others. However despite their late entrance into the free service field, aol seems to be doing fine nonetheless.
Clinique This site is well organized for easy shopping and quick skincare reference  Its disadvantages: While they offer a wide variety of products, they do not offer suggestions on how to use them (such as what colors suit certain people best and so on) This site is obviously not for the beginner interested in makeup (considering the high prices and lack of direction) However, they offer good suggestions and instructions for skincare (which beginner or not is always important) They’ve recently added a live chat to talk with a professional, so the site is more user friendly.