Hello everyone! You have arrived at the index page for Jameson Jones, also known as the Angry Liberal. You might have seen my writing for such campus publications as the newspaper SmallTalk and the online magazine MustardMag.com. What people may not know is that I also have been published twice off-campus, once for the Sports Car Club of America website back in August 2007 and the other time in the North Carolina Region Sports Car Club of America's Bulletin in April 2008 for articles dealing with our region's national events.


Here on this website, you will find articles that I have written for the online magazine as well as scholarly papers dealing with the gay rights movement such as religion and sexuality,gender and sexuality, framing of the gay rights movement in schools, sexual orientation and its effects in the public schools, media and its influence on sexual orientation and how it creates social conflict between heterosexuality and homosexuality.

This field of expertise will be my key focus in graduate school as well as law school in public interest law. I will soon have these papers up as soon as possible so that you may read them for your own personal understanding and curiosity about the gay rights movement.



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If you would be interested in contacting me with comments about articles that I have written for the online magazine or my scholarly papers on the gay rights movement, please contact me at muangryliberal@yahoo.com or jjones@student.methodist.edu.