These are some of my favorite links; Check'em out and enjoy-A

Morpheus Museum

A great compilation of surreal artwork. This site is a great example of how the internet is affecting not only the world of digital art but also the world of fine arts. It is a site that both fans and working artists can appreciate with emphasis on aesthetics and focus on the specific genre. The site is well put together,easy to navigate,and entertaining. The only thing I would change about this site is the fact that there is not much information included about the artists. However, there are great links to the artists sites and other sites where you can purchase prints and originals of the artits work. You would never be able to view some of the art here in such an intimate setting other than in the compfort of your own home.

The master of dark surrealism. This is an artist whom I've always admired so a critique of his site may be a little biased. However, the site is perfectly in line with the content of the artists work and conveys the same emotion and reaction as one might get actually viewing one of his pieces. The site utilizes quite a bit of java and animation which makes it quite entertaining. content wise there is an amazing amount of the artist work available and you can view this quite nicely with the photos that have been taken. One nice thing about an artist web site is that artists are always aware of the "look" and appeal of thier own work, so the site is quite interesting. There are several useful links here and you can purchase his art directly through his site. The only thing I might change is the fact that there are a few pieces by him I know of that are not included: how sad.

A good friend of mine and a great artist from Richmond, Va. Donnie Green has a great story leading to his becoming an artist which is conveyed on his site. His art is also of the sureal type but decidedly different in that much of it is very precise and planned out. His site is well thought out and easy to navigate. He has a great gallery of his work on the site, one of the best I've seen on the web in fact. The site makes use of sound, pop-ups, and flash. There are also quite a few very interesting links to some of Donnies favorite sites. All in all very useful.

This site is not for the weak of heart. This is the online version of the mag "bizarre mag". So, as the name implies, anything bizarre is fair game. It is a very busy site, amazingly graphic in nature and content, but definitly gets the job done: in other words, they have achieved their goal. It does include artwork of various types and there is great variety of other mediums and information available. There is an overwhelming amount of links on this site too so it serves well as a "leap off' site. I might tone down some of the graphics in the site, although it is fitting for the nature of thier content. Some of the color schemes and artistic choices are definitly questionable. But.... if you like the sick, the morbid, the sexualy deviant, and downright strange-this is your site. No-one else quite puts it all together like these guys.

This site has alot of information on it-its huge.There are literally thousands of Dali paintings on this site,if ya like dali-this is the place to be. After getting past the front page this site is really quite proffesional looking, you might think you were looking at an insurance webpage, But the amount of information is pretty amazing. Not only is there almost every Dali piece he ever did, but also thorough histories and biography. Lots and lots of info. Its relatively easy to navigate although it takes some time for the pages to load because of the amount of information on them. I dont know where you could possibly access this much information on Salvadore Dali in one place other than this site. Aesthetically-its surprisingly not that great, but then again the artwork your viewing makes up for it. I really dont care for the sites look or setup, something about its nature is just too stiff, even for the purpose of a juxtoposition against Dalis' work. Also, not too many links, but again, if you want Dali-its all here.

This is a really well put together site