About Me

My Name is Erik M. Alegria and i go to Methodist University in fayetteville, NC. My major is computer information Technologies with a concentration in multimedia.

I am the current Editor in cheif of the Student Run Newspaper SmallTalk. if anyone would want to work for the newspaper then please do, we need writers and graphic designers to help with the design of the pages and everything else. we have a meeting every week in chris's house. food and drinks are usually provided.

I am a self proclaimed Anime Otaku.

i have been dating my girlfriend for over 2 years now, she is a meteorology major at NC State. Her name is Catherine Elizabeth Opalka and she can play guitar a bit.

I love to play me cello, which i am still learning to play. i have played the cello for about 2 years now. My Cello Teacher is Mrs. Troy from Red Springs, NC.