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My name is Ashley and I am a military spouse currently living in Hohenfels, Germany.  My husband and I have been married for 8 wonderful years, all of those as active duty.  Brian, my husband, started his tour here in July, 2008.  The fam and I moved over in September, 2008.

You are probably wondering why the site?   Well, I have been fortunate enough to have visited Europe several times in the past so when I learned of our impending move, I wasn’t nervous but excited!   Additionally, my husband was born and raised here so I had a great point of contact for questions.   But I pretty much knew what to expect.   However, some spouses don’t know what to expect or have family members as experienced as I do.   And not only do they not know what to expect, this could potentially be their first military move (PCS, Permanent Change of Station), which makes it doubly stressful!   They may worry, have questions, feel lost, or just be curious.  These men and women are the reason for this provide them with knowledge.   And knowledge is power!  It’s also to reassure them that they will make it through the move and the tour.   And, that the potential for fun, travel, and learning is everywhere!   It’s all in the attitude.   And lastly it’s for anyone who is interested in the life of a military family.  We live in a world where never before has a soldier and their family been given so much attention and notice.

So, dive in and learn from someone who not only has been there but is currently, day to day, still learning.

I dedicate this site to you.



P.S. - Stay tuned and check back as this site is a continual work in progress!

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