MSN MSN is a good source to get a general look at the news, weather and events that are going on in the world and locally. There are very few ads that clutter up the page to be a distraction for reading articles and seeing the news. It's very functional, but a bit on the bland side when you are looking at the site as a whole.

AOL This is a web site that I primarily use to check my mail. Sometimes I go to the news and follow the links to sites like Huffington post or CNN. The site feels a bit cluttered when you are looking at it. The colors on the site make it easy to look at, but it can be hard to find certain things if you don't go to a direct link to it.

IMDB At times it is hard to remember certain movies that actors were in or you remember the actor and not the movie. This site is very helpful for trying to find out information about movies and actors. The information is not always complete for actors, but it generally has good information on movies. It is not always the most user friendly for you to find out information so it can take a bit of looking. One of the other problems is that there are sometimes unexpected pop ups on the site that can be distracting.

Facebook A site I use on a regular basis so that I can keep in touch with friends and family that aren't near by and when you do not always have the time to call them on the phone. The ads on the page are not always relevant to someone and can be very annoying. You have the option of blocking game feeds which is good for people who do not like to play any of the games. It can be entertaining to play some of the applications, but it isn't for everyone. The site as a whole is really boring to look at and has very little in the way of customization for the users to make their profiles fit their personalities.

YouTube There are a lot of links to YouTube on Facebook, MSN and AOL articles. From videos about music to everyday help about projects. If you can think of a video there is probably one out there that will suit what you are looking for. Sometimes this isn't a good thing. There are some people that upload things and use keywords to get you to come to their page and it can be a waste of time. YouTube is constantly working on removing and enforcing the TOS that they have, but a lot of people fall through the cracks.

Cracked This is a site that really is there for people that have a sense of humor. Occassionally you will find a very good article that has some relevance to the world as a whole, but it is primarily full of satire. When news gets too serious it is good to know there are pages out there that you can just enjoy reading for entertainment value and their humor content. A huge drawback to this site is the ads on it, the pop ups you have to deal with and make click through links to sites that have frequent attacks that leave you with malware. The site is also a glaringly bright red so it is not a page you would want to spend a long period of time looking at.

CNN A great site for news it is a good way to varify information from MSN or AOL on current events. It has very little in the way of ads and has a similar layout to MSN so it is easy to use for most everyone. There are a lot of links on the home page which could get confusing if you are trying to find specific information, but for the most part there is enough that you will be able to find almost any type of news that you may want to read.

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