Starting a Simmed Life!!!


First Thing First!!!

It is very important that you understand the Information Bar...

The Information Bar is really your Life!!!

Without will die....seriously....your Sim will die if you don't pay attention to you Information Bar!!!

So First Things First, let learn the most important features of the Information Bar....

This is your Information Bar....

There are 5 different Tabs....

Know your Tabs....

Learn your Tabs.....

Revert Back to you Tabs thoughout your Game!!!

Each Tab give you cetain informtaion about your Sim...

(Roll over each image to view what the open Tab will look like)


Notice that the Need Tabs show your physical needs...

Try to keep all your needs bars above the midway point...or that needs bar will turn yellow.... if the bar turns are in trouble...

For instance...look at the needs bar...You notice the bladder bar is yellow....Seems our Sim has to go potty!!! Once you do something (such as go potty) your Bladder bar will go back to full green.


Relationship Bar tells you who you know and how much you like them!!!

The bottom bars under the Sim show lifetime relationship. This bar grows slow overtime (over your sims lifetime) and the the top bar show daily relationship. This bar can change depending on you daily interactions with the Sims you know.

The Relationship Bar can be broke down by the relationship: family only, friends only, household only, chimstry only, and everyone. This tab is shown in everyone status.

Skill and Career


Skill and Career Tab show where your Sim work and the skill your Sims have.

This tab is divided into two sections: Career and Skill. Your Skill tab is divided into two sections: Skill and Badges.

The Career sections will show you where you work, and what time and day you need to go to work...however, as you noticed...our Sim is unemployed at this time!!!

The Skills sections show what skills your Sim need and what Badges you have earned. Our Sim has no skills and no badges at this time...

**You need a certain level of skill to get promoted in your career, so make sure to max out your skill throughtout your lifetime.**


The Simology Tab show you everything that makes your unquie Sim ...YOU!!!

You will find you personlity, intrest, hobbies, memories, and chemistry sections here. You can change some sections like personality...You can make your Sim more sloppy than neat..but as you change things...So does your Sim....If you have a neat aquaius Sim...and you change you Sim to just might end up with a sloppy libra Sim instead. The other sections in this tab changes over the Sim lifetime.


The Reward Tabs show what your Sim have in thier inventory, aspiration awards, career rewards, and lifetime aspirations benefits.

You can stock pile your inventory full of wonderful similish things by buying them or hunting for treasure and finding them, even growing them!!! Such as apples and oranges... once they harvest they will be placed in your Sim inventory.

Aspiration awards are earned through fulling your Sim wants...(we will learn about that panel, later).

Career rewards are earned by getting promoted in you Sim's Career choice. **You can only earn one Sim Career reward unless... after you earn your reward, you change Sim Careers!!*

Lifetime Benefits are extra perks such as being able to write a cook book, and curing any disease such as the flu with Grandma's Special Soup. You earn these rewards by gaining aspirations points. (we will learn about aspirations points later as well...)

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