How often should I water? In the spring and fall water your lawn twice a week.  Water three times a week during the hotter months.
How much water? Apply one half inch of water to your lawn with each application.
Why should I aerate? Aeration of your lawn reduces thatch, permits water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots, and improves root growth.
How often should I aerate? Under normal conditions, every three to five years.  However, lawns heavy traffic lawns should be aerated every year or two.  Lawns with an accumulation of thatch should be aerated twice a year until the thatch is removed.
When should I fertilize? This depends on the type of grass.  Some types should receive "small" feedings from spring through fall.   Others may only required one application per year along with two applications of a pre-emergence.
Does the type of fertilizer make a difference? Yes.  Each grass type has its own nutrient requirements.  The wrong fertilizer, too much fertilizer, or even its application at the incorrect time can damage or even kill your grass.
How often should my lawn be mowed? As often as necessary to maintain its recommended height.  Most types of grasses in our area should be mowed every week.  There are a few types of grasses used in this area that require less frequent mowing, and there are conditions that would require more frequent mowing.
When my lawn is mowed, does its height make a difference? Yes.  Never cut more that one third of its height at one time.  If your grass is very high, it may require two or more cuttings over a period of a few days to reach its proper height.  Removing more than one third of your grass height at one time may result in a build up of thatch, stressing, and even killing your grass.
Should the clippings be either bagged or mulched? Mulch if your lawn does not have a thatch problem and you are not removing more that a third of its height.   Bag if you have a thatch problem or let your lawn grow to a height that will require a few mowing over a period of a few days.
What type of mulch should I use around trees and shrubs? That is a personal preference based on cost and the frequency of replacement.  For example, Pine Straw is inexpensive, but it should be replaced each year; not just added too.
How deep should I mulch? A minimum of three inches will help prevent weed growth and retain soil water.
Why should I Pressure Wash? To remove the accumulation of mold, mildew, loose dirt, dust, oil, etc. from exterior structures.   Normally, exterior structures should be pressure washed every two to three years, or a few days prior to the application of paint, stain or sealer.  Immediately pressure wash any spill that will discolor the surface.
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