Here are three links to other sites that could be of benefit to you.

Green Industy Yellow Pages
If you are a homeowner, you can find products, companies, or plants with just one click. Also, you can select from consumer markets that include garden centers, landscaping, gardens, lawn care, patios and decks, and water gardens - just to name a few. A great place to do some research on your project.
Nature Hills Nursery If you need to purchase trees, bushers, shrubs, hedges, perennials, ferns, fruit trees, ground cover, rose bushes, seeds, or accessories. This is the place to start. Good prices, and deliver will be at the proper planting time.
Scotts Web Site Although some of their lawn care programs for certain types of grass, does not agree with either other sources, or some local nurseries, this site has helpful information on a wide variety of topics.

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