Before and After pictures of a project we completed in July.
Our client desired metal borders, weed guard matting, and then a three-inch layer of aromatic cedar mulch.
This type of mulch kills ants, helps to prevent other types of insects,
and does not require removal the next year, just an additional layer.
The day we started, our client asked us to add marble chips to the front.
We were happy to do so. Therefore, we do not have the "Before" photo.

Large Tree Before Small Tree Before Side of Shed Before Small Shrub Before Side of House Before
Large Tree After Small Tree After Side of Shed After Small Shrub After Side of House After Front of House After

Some of our clients select the soft plastic border, others the metal border.
Plastic borders cost much less than metal. However, the labor to install plastic
is almost four times greater than with metal borders. The plastic borders will require
replacement in the future, while the metal borders will last almost
indefinitely. In the long run, the plastic is more expensive than the metal.

Please note than in the photos, the mulch used with the metal border is a better grade.
Also, the client with the metal border had weed guard installed,
while the client with the plastic border did not install weed guard.

1st Plastic 2nd Plastic 3rd Plastic
1st Metal 2nd Metal 3rd Metal

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