• North Carolina
    Just about anywhere you go in North Carolina,
    you will bump into a Civil War story. One story
    you may not find anywhere else. We want to show
    you what and where it happened and we hope to
    encourage you visit these Civil War sites.
  • Battle at Albemarle Sound
    After the Confederate victory at Plymouth, the CSS
    Ablemarle tried to leave the Albemarle Sound, but
    ran into a Union floatilla. The battle was indecisive,
    but a clash with the USS Sassacus damaged the
    CSS Ablemarle, crippling future Confederate efforts.
  • Battle of Fort Fisher
    Fort Fisher was the main Confederate fort protecting
    the vital trading routes of the port at Wilmington.
    After the fall of Norfolk, VA in May 1862, the
    importance of Wilmington was further increased.
    Fort Fisher remained opened until February 1865.
  • Battle at Averasboro
    Johnston ordered Hardee to delay Slocum at
    Averasboro, so that he could complete the
    concentration of his forces before their arrival at
    Bentonville. His manage to delay Sherman's Army
    for two days giving Johnston the time he needed.
  • Battle at Bentonville
    Johnston had consolidated the last of the
    Confederate Army at Bentonville in a last effort
    to stop Sherman's Army. Sherman's Army battled
    with Johnston until more reinforcements arrived.
    Johnston forces fled during the night to Raleigh.

Civil War Events in North Carolina

We are in the process to bring you the latest news and current events related to the Civil War in North Carolina. We have put together a list of all the major battlefields and other significant sites of key interest. This in a effort to bring you more knowledge of what happened during the Civil War in North Carolina to better light.

Each battlefield site will have background information of both Confederate and Union Forces, information on key personnel, history and signficance of the area, its place in the timeline of war, and its significance affecting the war. The other sites is collection of Revolutionary War and World War II information on ocations, history, travel information and related websites.

Lastest News


The African-American Civil War Experience - October 1, 2012

Hari Jones will speak at the Cape Fear Regional Theater about the role of the African-American soldier in North Carolina.


World War II Reenactment at Aversboro - November 10-11, 2012

Aversboro Battlefield and Museum is hosting a World War II reenactment on November 10 - 11, 2012.