Welcome to the North Carolina Battlefield Page. We are going to highlight the major battlefield areas in which Civil War battles occured during 1861 to 1865. We have also include a few sites pertaining to World War II. Click on one of the button menus to view the different areas in North Carolina.

The Coastal Defense was a series of forts and fortifications built around the major seaports around early 1800s to defend against the British Navy. These series of forts was again used to defend aginst the Federal Navy attacks and naval blockade from the very beginings and thoughout the war. Union Army under General Sherman was marching north into North Carolina after devasting Savannah, Georgia and Coulumbia, South Carolina. Sherman's was ordered to meet at Goldsboro, NC with other Union forces coming from Fort Fisher and Wilmiington, NC. They were met by forces of Confederate General Johnston at a series of encounters before fleeing to Raleigh, NC and eventual surrender at Greensboro, NC on April 26, 1865.