1. College Friendly Recipes
  2. The sources that I will be using are anything I can find that can be user friendly in a college dorm and/or apartment atmosphere.
  3. Looking at the various websites, there really isn't anything that has only recipes centered around a college atmosphere.
  4. College students looking for a quick and easy way to end their hunger.
  5. (This is just a brief possibility of what it will contain. Contents may vary depending on what I can find.) This will be a website that will be a way for students to find simple recipes even if they are in a dorm like atmosphere or in an apartment atmosphere, with full kitchens.
  6. Sections will include:

    Each section will then be broken down into sub categories:

    Included with each recipe will have a difficulty rating that will allow the student to identify if the recipe is easy or if the recipe is going to be difficult.

    1 star – Easiest TO 5 stars - Hardest

  7. The purpose of this website is to help the everyday college student find easy to do recipes even if they live in an atmosphere that doesn't allow them to cook everything.