Welcome to my Web Site!

I have been collecting various quotations from various sources for several years. They cover a wide range of topics from the inspirational to the humorous. I have done my best to accurately attribute the source to the author. This website is my opportunity to share some of the quotations that I have enjoyed over the years.

Quotations Listed
Topics # of Entries Sources
Humorous 6 D. Adams, A. Einstein
Inspirational 5 D. Adams, M.L. King Jr., Lau-tzu, E. Roovevelt
Political 5 D. Adams, J.F. Kennedy, Lau-tzu, F. Neitzsche
Thought Provoking 14 M. Brooks, M. Friedman, M. Gandhi, P. Henry, J.F. Kennedy, M.L. King Jr., M. Little, H.D. Thoreau
Guest Entries 3 Various