Research Assignment: The History of Yorkies...

Have you ever wondered where cute little yorkies come from? Have you wondered how they got so small? or Where they originated? Well I'm glad you asked...

According to Yorkie Website Yorkies are said to be a mixture of Scottish and English terriers. It is said that when Scots began to migrate they took their scottish terriers with them and the scottish terriers began to mix with english terriers and resulted in Yorkshire Terriers. It is believed that Yorkshire Terrier breed was discovered during the Industrial Revolution. The original yorkshire terrier is known as the "broken haired scott terrier" who weighed between 12 and 14lbs.

The Original Yorkie: According toYorkie Source Yorshire Terriers were designed to kill rats and other rodents in the mines and cotton mills in Northern England.

According to Yorkie Source 2 Yorkies were the ideal dogs to have because they were smaller and less expensive than the average dog. Yorkies weigh between 3 and 12lbs.

When bringing a yorkie home it is important to keep an eye on your yorkie at all times to ensure that it does not get into things. It is also important to make sure that you have patience with your yorkie and yorkie-proof your house. Another Yorkie Source

According to Yorkie Source, although Yorkies are small and cute, and usually have a friendly personality, Yorkies are not reccommended to families with small children. Yorkies are known for their loyalty and become very jealous if not trained from the beginning to accept children.

According to About Yorkies Yorkies can be adventurous. They enjoy playing around and chasing small snimals. But they can be territorial and will fight to protect what is theirs. It is said that Yorkies tend to bark more in comparison to other dogs.

To sum it all up... Yorkies are amazing dogs to have. According to Info about Yorkies The average Yorkie can learn a new trick after about 15 repeatitions.

Where can you adopt a yorkie...? Im glad you asked!
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