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The "Dazzlers" are new to Methodist University Marching Band's Auxilary.

The Dazzlers are under the direction of Mr. Charles Dumas (Band Director). The Dazzlers perform alongside with the Methodsit University Marching Monarch's Marching Band. This year is the first year that Methodist University has had dancers perform with the band.

Band Director: Mr.Charles Dumas

Erica Williams, Captain

Syntina Nesbitt, Captain

Ebony Moore

The Dazzlers was nothing more than a topic of discussion and a general idea. In 2011, Ebony Moore, Erica Williams, and Syntina Nesbitt sat down in the Lion's den at Methodist University and shared ideas on starting a danceteam seperate from the team that already exsisted on Methodist University's campus. Not too long after the discussion, Ebony Moore began researching ways to start the danceteam. As a result, The Dazzlers was formed.

The Dazzlers became apart of the Methodist University Marching Band Auxiliary. The Dazzlers made their first public performance at the new student orientation on August 18th and performed at their first home football game on Septemeber 1st.