My Favorite Links
This site is very busy, makes it hard to find the type of information that you would want. What I like about the site is that it displays the most recent information more visible than the other stuff and they show highlights and clips of last night's sporting event.
nfl This site is very much like the ESPN site. The only difference is that its just about the nfl. I like the facts that most of the information on the site is very current. If something happens an hour ago it would be in the headlines now.
nba This site is very much like all the rest of the sports sites. A lot of information, very busy, but it has very current information. A site like this is good for sports fans to quickly find out what happened during the game that ended 30min-1 hr ago.
This site sales sports equipment, accessories, apparel, and fan gear. This site is very easy to navigate and stuff is easy to find.
myspace This is a very popular site amongst many people all over the country. I like that its a very good way to communicate with people that you know from all over, and with friends you haven't seen in a while. Its very user friendly.
facebook Facebook's purpose is exactly like The only difference is that the format is different. There's not too much that I don't like about this site.
youtube You tube is a site that I like because there are many funny clips on YouTube. But its not just for funny clips, there are many different kind of videos that people post on there. Its very user friendly.