Charles de Lint is considered a forefather of the urban fantasy genre. His first books were classical, high fantasy. In 1984, de Lint published his novel set in the modern era, Moonheart. He writes works for both teens and adults. He has even written one children’s short story, “A Circle of Cats,” which was published with artwork by his friend Charles Vess. A few horror novels were published under the pen name Samuel M. Key. De Lint decided to use a pen name to make his horror and fantasy writings distinctly different. The pen name comes from de Lint’s favorite childhood toy, Samuel the Monkey (pictured with de Lint below.)

De Lint was found of setting his stories in large cities, but the research to keep the stories accurate was taxing. He began setting his short stories in large, unnamed, imaginary city. Eventual, that city became Newford, the setting of many of his most acclaimed novels and short story collections. In 1990, de Lint's publication of The Dreaming Place marked the first Newford novel.

Though de Lint attempts to write so that his books are not serial, this is the recommended chronological order he gives for the Newford stories and novels:

-The Dreaming Place
-A Whisper To A Scream (originally credited to "Samuel M. Key")
I-'ll Be Watching You (originally credited to "Samuel M. Key")
-Memory And Dream
-The Ivory And The Horn
-Someplace To Be Flying
-Moonlight And Vines
-Forests Of The Heart
-The Onion Girl
-Seven Wild Sisters (also available in Tapping the Dream Tree)
-Tapping the Dream Tree
-Spirits in the Wires
-Medicine Road
-The Blue Girl
-Make a Joyful Noise (chapbook)
-The Hour Before Dawn (collection)
-Old Man Crow (chapbook)
-Little (Grrl) Lost (novel)
-Promises to Keep (short novel)
-Dingo (short novel)
-Muse & Reverie (collection, forthcoming)

Beyond Newford, many of de Lint’s latest works are set in the American Southwestern desert. These books include The Medicine Road and The Mystery of Grace.

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Charles de Lint has captured my attention as one of my favorite writers. His twist on the sometimes cliché fantasy genre is refreshing and exciting. I’ve been a fan for over eight years. I created this site because I saw a need for a kind of hub for the city of Newford.

In many of de Lint’s short stories and novels set in Newford, you will find references to other stories and characters. Maybe you’ve forgotten that person or event. Maybe you just haven’t read it yet. This site is here to guide you through those problems. Enjoy!






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