Charles de Lint presents a variety of races and kinds of beings in his works. This basic guide will give you a simple understanding of what’s what in the city of Newford. The power and abilities of each is very ambiguous and depends more on the individual character rather than the character’s race.

These are supernatural beings with the ability to change their shape into a particular animal. Native to North America, these creatures are usually Native Americans in their human shapes. They have long lives, and some of the cousins featured in de Lint’s work are said to have been present at the making of the world.

These are European creatures that take on many forms, such as elves, boogans, brownies, etc. They represent the very traditional idea of fairies, but this does not mean like they are like Tinkerbell. Faerie can be small or human sized, and not all are good and sweet. In fact, one faerie queen in Newford dresses and acts like a punk skater.


Ghosts are souls of the dead left behind on earth. Very much like the traditional view of ghosts, they have not moved on to what is beyond death, usually by their own choice. On Halloween and May Eve they can return to the world of the living and have physical bodies by being at the place of their death at moonrise. They become spirits once again when the sun rises.


Some humans in the de Lint world have special abilities or just seem more in tuned with the supernatural. These people have what is called a “shine,” which is kind of a glow that spirits can see/feel. The shine becomes stronger when the human has more contact with the supernatural, such as Jilly Coppercorn. However, the shine can attract negative spirits, as in The Blue Girl. Some humans have abilities because of the shine, such as Cassie's ability to fortune-tell.

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