This is a brief look at some of the major characters who appear in the city of Newford.



Jilly Coppercorn, Human
Jilly appears in many de Lint works; she is the main character in The Onion Girl and Widdershins. Jilly was born in Tyson, a hick town not far from Newford. She was sexually abused by her brother. After running away from home as a teen, Jilly became a drug junkie and a prostitute. A kind-hearted cop, Lou Fucchieri, brought her to a social worker nicknamed the “Angel of Grasso Street.” Jilly cleaned up her life, went to college, and became an artist. Jilly is touched by the spiritworld in a way that she has a “shine” about her that conveys her strong and almost magical spirit.


Geordie Riddle, Human
Geordie is a fiddler who is a bit skeptical about the supernatural, as a strong opposition to his faithful friend Jilly. Geordie’s brother is Christy, and they typically do not get along very well.  They had a third brother, Patrick, who hung himself in prison. Geordie prefers busking (play on the street) above all other forms of performance. He has never cut a record, although he would easily be able to, because he believes music should always be enjoyed live. Though he is attracted to Jilly, he moves to California with a woman, then returns to Newford to date a Faerie prophetess.


Christy Riddle, Human
Christy is a short story writer who is brothers with Geordie. They had a third brother, Patrick, who hung himself in prison. Christy is very skeptical about the supernatural, but also very curious. He collects stories of strange things and re-writes them in short story collections. He once was the lover of Tallulah, who was the spirit of the city. He now lives with his girlfriend Saskia.


Bramley Dapple/ The Professor, Human
The Professor is a mentor to Jilly. He is full of knowledge about the supernatural, and full of curiosity. He is a recurring character, but somewhat flat and usually present to fulfill a particular need. He owns a large house, and employees a Skookin (goblin/troll) named Goon as a servant.


Cassie, human with powers
Cassie is a fortune-teller who is the wife of Joe Crazy dog. She prefers to dress in bright colors and shop in thrift stores. She and Joe are squatters at first, but they eventually settle down in an apartment. She earns money by fortune-telling on the streets with a nice deck of Tarot cards, but a ratty set holds her true power.


Lou Fucchieri, human
Lou is a cop with a soft spot. He saved Jilly and many others on the streets by taking them to Angela, his social-worker girlfriend. However, his relationship with her is stressed by the sometimes illegal things she does.
Angela Marceau, human
Angela is called the Angel of Grasso Street for her kindness in helping the street people get their lives together. She sometimes takes some illegal steps by forging documents to help people establish new identities. This puts a stress on her relationship with her cop boyfriend Lou.


Sophie Etolie, half human, half Faerie
Sophie is supposedly the daughter of the moon faerie. She travels to the Spiritworld via her dreams, where she has created the city of Mabon. There, her boyfriend Jeck Crow lives. Sophie has a problem known as “the jinx,” since modern electronics don’t work well for her. She is an abstract painter.


Christianna Tree, shadow twin.
Christianna was created when Christy Riddle was about 7 years old. Shadow Twins are made when children rejects certain parts of themselves. The rejected parts can culminate and become actual people. This does not mean that they are evil twins, but opposites of their shadow casters. For example, Christianna is a woman to Christy’s man; she is flighty and free spirited whereas he is a creature of routine. Christianna once distanced herself from Christy, because a shadow too close to its caster could be destroyed. However, after the events of Spirits in the Wires, Christianna, Geordie, and Christy all live like siblings. Christianna is passionate and lives in the Spiritworld. She is very protective of her brothers.


Saskia Madding, created by The Wordwood
Saskia is an unusual case. She is basically a child of a website called the Wordwood, which was created to serve as a literary hub. The website took on a life of its own, eventually creating people to send out into the real world. Saskia is one of those people. She has a paper history and knowledge of a past, but remembers no experiences until a certain day when she was sent out of the Internet. Saskia is a poet and the live-in girlfriend of Christy Riddle.


Joe Crazy Dog/Bones, cousin with crow and dog blood
Called Bones for his fortune-telling with small bird and mice bones, Joe appears as a Native American with “crazy clown eyes.” This is because Joe lives as much in the Spiritworld as he does the human world. Joe is one of the most knowledgeable and powerful young cousin around. It’s said that a piece of the original world lies in his body. Joe’s mother was a dog cousin and his father a crow cousin, so he is able to shift into either shape or a mix of the two. Joe is a rarity, because candids and corbaes rarely mate. This may be where his spiritual power comes from. Joe is married to Cassie, and the two are very much in love.


Crow Girls, Maida and Zia
Maida and Zia are twin crow girls who appear as young teens. They are part of the original cousin entourage that created the world. Flighty and silly, these two live in the moment and to forget the ages of sorrow they have seen. They are very powerful, and the full extent of their powers is not known. They dress like Goths and loves sweets to the point of eating straight sugar.


Cody, coyote cousin
The story goes that coyote is the one who brought sorrow and death into the world. Like a Native American version of Pandora, Cody messed with the pot Raven used to create the world and brought death and evil to the humans. Cody is a trickster, but not an evil person. He has good intentions in his meddling, but these good intentions usually cause more harm than help. In the last Newford book, Cody was dating a magpie cousin.


Raven, aka Lucius Portsmouth, raven cousin
Raven is said to be the original cousin who pulled the world from a magical pot. However, Raven now lives in the modern world as Lucius Portsmouth, an impossibly huge and dark-skinned man. Lucius often goes into trances for months on end. He has lived so long that his memories can bog him down. He’s a mysterious and powerful figure, but he does not meddle in others’ lives.











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