The Dreaming Place
Teen, 1990.
The firsft Neword novel is relatively short. It tells the story of two teen girls who are cousins. They experience the spirit world and learn about one another. The book is told in first person, alternating each of the girls’ perspectives.


A Whisper to a Scream
Horror, published under Samuel M. Key, 1992
A dark fantasy about a paranormal serial killer.


I’ll Be Watching You
Thriller, published under Samuel M. Key, 1992
An abused woman becomes the fascination of a photographer.


Memory and Dream
Adult, 1994
A painter who's work became real has given up her art, until she is confronted with a promise she made to a dead friend.


Adult, 1997
A guitar maker and a smalltime conman inexplicably switch bodies. De Lint poses the question of identity. Does identity reside in the body or in the spirit, or perhaps both? Narration is in mostly first person, constantly switching between various characters.


Someplace to be Flying
Adult, 1998
A richly complex novel of animal people. A man and woman are saved from muggers by teen girls who can turn into crows. A girl is haunted by what appears to be her never-born twin sister. A mysteriously powerful family searches for a legendary pot that is said to have been the birthplace of the world. Very exciting.

Forests of the Heart
Adult, 2000
Takes place in Newford as well as Arizona. A mix of traditions from Ireland, Native Americans, and Africa combine in this tale.


The Onion Girl
Adult, 2001
Jilly Coppercorn, a painter who often is featured in short stories, finally gets her own novel. A debilitating accident is Jilly’s key to entering the spirit world, but not all she finds there will be beautiful as her past life as Jilly May Carter haunts her.

Spirits in the Wires
Adult, 2003
Saskia Madding was born in a magical place: the Internet. Christianna Tree is a shadow, born from the bits of personality left behind by a child. These two women confront their very existence when Saskia is pulled back into the website which created her.

The Blue Girl
Teen, 2004
Imogene was a “bad girl” back in her hometown. In her new home of Newford, she tries to walk the straight and narrow, but things get mysterious. A ghost haunting the high school, little fairy men, and an imaginary friend come to life all mix in this tale.


Adult, 2006
This book wraps up the story of Jilly and Geordie’s more-than-friends, not quite lovers relationship. Jilly is taken into the Spiritworld in a nightmarish reliving of her childhood. Meanwhile, her friends get mixed up in a war between the European Faerie and native Animal People. A very moving novel.


Promises to Keep
Adult, 2007
This book is a look back at Jilly right after she left the streets and enrolled in college. In flashbacks, the reader learns details about Jilly’s early life after running away from home and living in the streets.










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