Charles de Lint was born in the Netherlands on December 22, 1951. At the age of four months, he and his family moved to Canada where he has lived the rest of his life. Along with Terri Windling, de Lint is credited for helping to create the genre of urban fantasy. Besides writing fiction, he also is a Celtic folk musician, folklore scholar, book reviewer, poet, and (every once in awhile) a visual artist.

Prior to his writing, de Lint dreamed of becoming a full-time Celtic musician. After writing a few short stories for his artist friend to illustrate, he began to persue writing seriously in the late 1970s.

De Lint performing


De Lint's first largework was a traditional fantasy novella, The Fane of the Grey Rose, which later became the full-length novel, Harp of the Grey Rose. He continued to work traditionally, with the novel Riddle of the Wren and several short stories until the publication of Moonheart in 1984. Moonheart is largely thought of as the first urban fantasy novel.

In 1980, de Lint married MaryAnn Harris, whom he credits with his success. MaryAnn encouraged de Lint to write full time and try setting his stories in modern times. They partner together for Celtic music. De Lint's main instruments are flute, fiddle, whistles, vocals and guitar, while MaryAnn use mandolin, guitar, vocals and bodhran (Irish drum).



De Lint has been nominated for and won various awards. He was nominated for the World Fantasy Awards 16 times. His 2000 collection Moonlight and Vines won the World Fantasy Award for Best Collection.

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