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Kung Fu, an ancient form of martial arts in China, has been around for a very long time and gave its users a variety of skills and strength. Originated from the primitive society for the needs of hunting and defense, it at first only included some basic skills like cleaving, chopping, and stabbing. After some time the system of Kung Fu formed and developed mainly as the fighting skills and became extremely popular in many dynasties. In modern times it has develop int not just martial art skills or physical movement, but it is also a way for keeping fit and entertainment



Chinese martial arts can be traced to the Xia Dynasty which existed more than 4000 years ago. Their origin is attributed to self defense, hunting activities and military training in ancient China. Hand to hand combat and weapons practice were important components in the training of Chinese soldiers. Chinese martial arts went on to incorporate different philosophies and ideas into its practice, expanding its purpose from self defense to health maintenance. The martial arts of Kung Fu has become a huge part of Chinese culture and can be found in poetry, fiction, and even films.

In the Song Dynasty at the request of Yue Fei and other generals, a large number of soldiers and common people tended to practice Kung Fu. It was at that time the style of Southern Fist became a popular style taking Hangzhou as the practice center. The Southern Fist mainly emphasized the motions of upper limbs. The movement of elbows and knees was the assistant skills. Later, many similar groups were established to promote the integration of northern and southern martial arts.

In the Yuan Dynasty the Han people were forbidden to practice Kung Fu in groups, but they continued to do so in secret to . It’s said that Jueyuan, the leader of the Shaolin Temple at that time, mastered the Eighteen Arhats Fist and went on to create the Seventy-two Fists (Huaquan). Later, he learned Li Family Fist, Baimo Fist and Choy Li Fut to further improve all the skills into one hundred and seventy-two Fists.

In the Qing Dynasty the Han people were still forbidden to practice Kung Fu in groups.Many of the Shaolin Temples were under strict supervision and even the monks were not given the right to practice. However, some works on martial arts were widespread that they could not stop it entirely, even the monks practiced Kung Fu in secret. During the middle and end of the dynasty, the basic classification of Internal Boxing and external Boxing was formed, whilst the Northern Legs and Southern Fists became well known.

Shaolin Temple

Near the end of the 5th Century an Indian warrior and Buddhist Monk was traveled through China following the path and teachings Buddhism. He was know to have had a great heart and mind helping and guiding anyone who needed it. Rumors of his great wisdom and kindness reached the ears of the Emperor who summoned him to the Palace . Buddhabhadra was his name, but was difficult for Chinese to say, so they renamed him to Batuo. The Emperor was so impreses with his Wisdom and Buddhist that he was offered a permeant place. The Emperor offered him many pieces of land in the sacred mountains on the side of Shao Shi (Shi meaning Mountain). They chose a spot in the forest ( Lin means forest) as the place for the temple, thus naming it Shaolin Temple.

The Orgin of the Temple

A prince was born in a small tribe of Southern India and schooled in the martial arts. Later on in life he converted to Mayhayana Buddhism at an early age and became the student of the Monk Prajnadhara. He was trained in Mayhayana Buddhist practices, which requires hard exercise and training as part of the meditation and studying.His training lasted many years and until the death of his teacher.After he became the 28th Patriarch of Indian Buddhism he was named Bodhidharma .Bodhidharma traveled to China to spread his teachings. Once Bodhidharma reached the Shaolin Temple he saw how weak and sick the monks looks and on top of that they were also lazy. Bodhidharma, a master in martial arts and a true believer of Mayhayana Buddhism believed that they should exercise. Bodhidharma was accepted into the temple and produced many exercises that developed onto Shaolin Kung Fu

Different Styles

Kung Fu has developed into an amazing set of skills to have no matter what was your reason for obtaining them.Over the course of centuries many different styles of Kung Fu has been developed, some of them have come out of the temples and others styles have been developed to strictly be kept in their families. Probably the most common styles of Kung Fu and the ones that most know of are the animal styles . Theses styles have been developed by watching some of best warriors in natures. The mos well know ones are the Dragon style, Tiger style, Snake style, Monkey style, and Mantis style.