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Hello and welcome to Earl's Review. Earl's Review is a free website were you can come and get my honest reviews about many movies that are out right now or movies that will be coming out in the future. I am a huge fan of the action, comedy, and horror genres but I'm not afraid to sit down and enjoy a romatic movie every now and then.

Hitman Agent 47

The first time I saw the trailer for this movie I got excited. I grew up on the hitman games so i was already hooked. I did see the first hitman movie they put out and I did enjoy it although there were some things that could have been better. Hitman Agent 47 is about a genectically enhaced assassin who has one mission to complete and he will go through anyone to complete it. I thought that this movie gave more information on the background story of the hitman which allows the audience to connect more with the character. The movies continues as agent 47 must protect a young women and stop power hungry individuals from obtaining the secret to developing there own super soilders. This is a great movie, it provides action and excitement throughout the film. Please be advise that this film is rated "R" for violence and language, so have caution before taking your children to see it.

Fantastic Four

I can't even come up with the word that will tell you how bad this movie was. Marvel was doing so well the past couple of years with with the movies they have done and then they go and allow this movie to be put out. I loved the fact that they were rebooting the Fantastic Four and trying to make it fit into the universe that they have created, but this looked like a rushed job. This movie looked like they took a crap script and threw some A-list actors in there and prayed they could make it a good movie. If you want to see this movie I suggest that you get from Redbox that way it"s only a dollar, you"ll probably still want your dollar back.

Terminator Gynisis

Ever since I was little i was always a fan of the terminator movies, so there was no question that I was going to see the newest one. Although I didn't thing they needed to make another, this one was still a good movie. The movies takes place where the last ones do, but something is different. Instead of Sarah finding out about the future from her visiters from the future she already knew. It seems that John has been playing with time travel so that he can try and fix the furture before it happens. Sarah, Reese, an the terminator set out to try and to stop judgment day before it happens.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2

Once a gain the Hunger Games movies delivered. The mockingjay comes back stronger and more determined as ever to finaly put an end to the war. Katnice recovers from Peeta attacking her and makes her way to the capital to kill President Snow. Katnice takes control of the group she is with and makes her way to the center of the city where the President's house is, all while doging the traps that have been layed in the city. The movies starts out a little slow but then picks up as the move goes on. If you have seen the other three movies then dont't miss out on the last one.

Jurassic World

This was the lastest movie in this Jurassic franchise and I got say it wasn't bad. It was very predictable with how one of their creation got out and started to run wild and destroy everything. Other than that I thought the movies was good, the casting was also excelent on this film. If you are a fan of these movies then you should definitley go see this it wont dispoint you.