Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2

"Paranormal Activity 2" is a prequel to the excellent, well-received "Paranormal Activity". It tells what occurs prior to the events of "PA". "PA2" is set in a similar setting as it's predecessor. It largely takes place in a seemingly typical house except this time there are cameras all over the house via a home security system. The biggest difference in this movie and "PA" is that this movie centers around the new baby in the house, Hunter.

"Paranormal Activity 2" gives you more of the same stuff that "PA" gave you. Sure it gives you a fair share of scares, but in the end there was nothing new to warrant paying $9 a ticket plus the cost of popcorn, etc to see this one. It was a serious disappointment that I, for one, wish I had put off until it came out on DVD or Blu-Ray so I could rent it for $1 at my local RedBox. The acting was pretty good and it was kinda nice to see a return of the killer demon lady from the first one. I would say that if you have never seen the first one, go ahead and watch this one and then watch the superior "Paranormal Activity". If you have seen the first one, be sure and watch this one for the back-story...just wait until it's out on DVD!


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