Retired Extremely Dangerous, or RED, is based on a three-issue comic released by Homage Comics between 2003 and 2004. RED is about an agent who is retired, and rather old, who is being hunted down by the CIA. However, since he is an ex-CIA agent himself, he has a few tricks up his sleeve. The entire movie is him trying to evade the CIA...and he does a pretty damn good job of it.

RED is an action-packed movie mixed with a nice bit of comedy. From the beginning of the movie until the very end, this movie will have you laughing out loud while waiting for the next action scene to take place (which happens quite often). The acting is top-notch with actors such as Bruce Willis and John Malkovic just to name a couple. If you're a fan of action movies and/or comedy movies, you'll absolutely enjoy this movie. I "Extremely" recommend you check out this movie!


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