"Devil" is a terrific horror film that toys with the idea of forgiveness. The film begins by very cautiously introducing you to the main characters. Not too much information is given about any of them. About 20 minutes into the film, five very different people enter an elevator only to find themselves stuck. From here, the film reaches the real meat of the story. The film teases the audience with suggestions of who is doing the killing by giving a little background information on each of them. The movie ends with the revelation of the "devil" and the reason the "devil" was killing in the first place.

All in all, I would say "Devil" was well done. Shyamalan is definitely moving back to his "Sixth Sense" days by keeping you guessing. Once the "devil" is revealed, you will either have known all along or you will be caught completely off guard. The film does present a couple of issues, at least to some viewers. First off, the film largely takes place inside an elevator. While I believe Shyamalan pulled it off quite well, some viewers won't enjoy watching such a static film. Another possible flaw is that "Devil" tries to teach the viewer a lesson about forgiveness. Some viewers might find this as a problem because they wanted a horror film, not a Sunday School lesson. Again, I believe the lesson was integrated into the movie quite well. Even though the film largely takes place inside an elevator and, God forbid, tries to teach you a lesson, you will not walk away disappointed. Definitely go see this movie!


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