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To wear a kimono properly you must have certain accessories. Tabi with geta or zori for the feet. Never wear geta or zori without tabi or socks! Under kimono garments, such as juban or hakama, this is variable based on the formality of your effort. Haori or michiyuki over the kimono. An of course the appropriate hair style with kanzashi.

The kimono can be accessorized with a fan, umbrella, parasol, or jewelry. Jewelry can be attached to the obi or worn on the neck hands or ears, but never attached directly to a kimono.


Wooden sandals worn outdoors.


A divided or undivided skirt, traditionally worn only by men but now worn also by women.


A hip- or thigh-length kimono coat which adds formality.


A tassel, woven string fastener for the haori.


Hair ornaments worn in the coiffure hair style which often accompanies kimono. These may take the form of silk flowers, wooden combs, jade hairpins etc.


A Japanese sash or belt used to wrap around a kimono or yukata. Obi are generally worn differently depending on the occasion, and they are usually more intricate for women.


Ankle-high, divided-toe socks usually worn with sandals. They also come in a boot form.