Facebook- This is the most popular social network at this time. It’s a great site to keep up with friends’ family, business, and entertainment all at one time all on onsite in less than a minute. This site is also great to let everyone else know the information YOU want to put out.

Twitter- This site is rated number 2 in the social network rating and work like Facebook in some ways but is very different. Twitter is simple you follow people to see what they blog or as it is called on Twitter “tweet” within 140 characters and what you tweet can be seen by your followers.

Theoceanbrothers.webs.com- This site is created by some average college guys that know how to work a camera. The purpose of the site is just to entertain people with videos of their random everyday life. The website isn’t finish but is updated daily with the ultimate goal of making something positive or providing a service that hasn’t been found yet.

Animedreaming- This site is for anime fans that are looking for a good site to watch all famous and not so famous subtitled anime that is free. The home page has the latest anime most likely the anime that just aired in Japan within the last 24 hours. But has a great Anime archive if you want to catch up on an episode or episodes you missed or if you want to just start from episode one of the anime series.

Worldstarhiphop- This site is known for its variety of user submitted videos that has some controversy to it. This site isn’t for everyone because it does contain a lot of violence and language and some nudity. But it is a good source of what is going on in the hip-hop world video collection.

ESPN- This site is known as the center for sports. If you need to know box scores, trade information, stats, facts, ect. on any sport ESPN is the cite to go to. Its just its a lot to going on with this site and its easy to get lost.