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ZAM is my personal "go to" site for FFXIV-ARR info. Like most sites, it encompasses an informational database, a wiki, and forums. One thing they have that is different is a Google APP designed for theory crafting. Because it uses Google Analytics, it gets better as more people use it.

The layout of the home screen is what draws me in. The topics appear in order from most recent, and each is headed with an image and clear topic. Simply clicking the image will get you the full story.

Gamerscape Wiki

This site is pretty much like the the previous. There are however ads on the top, bottom and side that you have to overlook to get to the good stuff. The main page of this site is actually pretty short. Near the top are links to the other areas. This way, there is less to weed through, and you can get right in to what you're looking for.


This website flat out looks great. It uses a lot of the most modern web design tools. The only problem is actually finding the information you want. Database information is pretyt much nill. What you will find though, is alot of patch information. There is plenty of information on class updates, content updates, and insites into development.

Eorzea Reborn

This site has alot of text, and I mean a LOT. There is a link on their main page to pretty much any topic they've discussed. If you ignore that though, there is usefull information here. At the top of their main page is a menu bar with links to thinks like FAQs, Leveling Guides, and Crafting Guides. All three can and will be very helpfull while playing though the game the first time.