The 'Major Points" in the game are also usually the most asked about by the new players.

When can I start crafting?

Most veterans of the Final Fantasy Online franchise know that you never have to actually venture out that much to go on quests and kill stuff. You can spend a majority of the game, if you choose, just gathering and crafting items to sell on the Market to other players. But you cannot do this right from the start. In the beginning must pick a "Battlecraft" profession. However, once you hit level 10 and finish the quest offered at your Battlecraft Guild, you will be free to pick up any and all other Jobs offered in the game. All there is for you to do is to visit the correspoding guild and complete the given quests.

How do I get a mount?

This question probably appears more frequenty then the previous one. In MMOs one of the most focused on Ideas, is that of "Mounts". Regardless of the form, vehicles, hourses, or strange creatures, players always want to know how to get one. In FFXIV ARR, this happens right around lvl 20. You will be given a quest from your main Guild. Once this quest chain is completed you will be forced to choose what "Grand Company" you with to belong to. Once you have made your choice you will be given yet another quest to talk to the Chocobo Trainer in your city. Once you complete this, you will not only be able to summon your chocobo mount, you will also be able to summon any other mounts you mave have recieved with the various versions of the game.

Finally, "How do I get my Chocobo to fight with me?"

This is actually an event that I overlooked on my first play through the game. Obviously, having your Chocobo mount is one prerequisite for this. The only other thing you need is to be lvl 30. Well, you'll want to head down to South Shroud and visit "Camp Tranquill", which is in the southwest area of the region. A gentlmen by the name of Docette will give you a quest titled "My Fiesty Little Chocobo". This is a simple quest that should take you no more than 30 minutes. Once complete, you will need Greshal Greens sold by most General Goods vendors to summon your Chocobo companion to fight along side you.

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