If you're a seasoned MMO player but new to FFXIV there might be a slight learning curve. One thing contributing to this fact is that the developers when an almost completely different direction with the terms they chose to use. In this section we'll give you a crash course on the most widely known concepts in the MMO community along with the FFXIV equivelant.


In FFXIV you won't find the term "Guild" used. What they do have are "Free Companies". Free Companies are very similar to guilds. They have a guild vault, and leveling perks. One thing different is that in FFXIV, Free Companies can purchase estates and build residences to serve as a base of operations.


We won't find much as far as Factions are concerned. Take WoW for instance, once level cap has been reached you can spend months farming rep with the various factions. In FFXIV there are currently 3 "Grand Companies". One in each of the main Cities. As of right now, the highest rank obtainable, based on level cap, is "Second Lieutenant". Promotions are purchased with "company seals". These seals are gained by completing GC Leves, completing Fates, and supply/provision quests. Each Grand Company sells Gear, Items, and cosmetic items for your chocobo. They also sell the permit needed to even ride a chocobo.


You won't find dalies in FFXVI, but you won't find a lot of grinding for faction reputation either. What you will find are called Guildleves. You're awarded 3 a day, and you're aloud to use them as you see fit. There are 3 categories. Battlecraft: which simply point you at mosters and have you kill them. Fieldcraft: These leves send you out to use your gathering skills to collect materials. Lastly is Tradecraft: They will have you put your skills to work at crafting.


Like previously mentioned, there are no factions in FFXIV. What we do have are Grand Companies. As of now, there are 3 in game. The Immortal Flames, that are based out of Ul'dah. The Maelstrom, from Limsa Lominsa. Lastly The Order Of The Twin Adder from Gridania. At a certain point in the main story, you will have to pick one of the Grand Companies to pledge your allegience to. Once you've made your choice you can start taking Grand Company Leves. These will reward you with Grand Company Seals. These Seals can be spent to purchase gear or promotions within your Grand Company. Promotions will in turn give you access to even better gear, Chocobo Garbs, and consumables.