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The Set-N-Trends Appointments

The Barber Shop is the place a man looks forward to going to as much as home

It’s a judgment free forum for sports, religion and politics

And women….

It’s a break from household chores, although we tell our woman it’s a chore to simply go…

It’s 2 hours of comradely between complete strangers and familiar faces.

It’s quality time between fathers and son’s.

It’s also a single mother showing her little man that she cares about his appearance and him.

30 minutes in the chair is equal to a full body massage, a sip of your favorite libation and a really good cigar all at once.

As you look at yourself in the mirror after the last edge is shaped, you realize you’re the man you’ve always envisioned yourself to be.

The hand shake and exchange of money at the end of the cut is more than just payment, it’s the ultimate form of gratitude for making you feel your best for such a small fee.

Who else can do that besides your barber?

What better place to be than the shop?

-John Donnelly