Felisha Cooper

Felisha is a talented actress who plays the lead, Jane.
Her resume consists of theater and film productions.
I believe her dedication and hard work will help her follow and live her dreams.


Damian Daniels

As I stated before, Damian is a jack of all trades.

When we found ourselves in desperate need of an actor to play Jack, Damian stepped up and filled the role.  Thank you.


Kelly McKoy

It can not be denied that God is at work all around us!

When Damian and I found ourselves searching for the right person to play Kayla, it was prayer and networking that led us to this talented woman.

Kelly is a teacher with a love for writing, producing, acting, and film making.  She was a delight to watch in action and brought spirit filled energy.
Thank you, Mrs. McKoy for reminding us to give the glory to God.




B. Teresa Van Wagner

Well. I'll be brief. I've always enjoyed the whole process of making an idea come to life and then viewing it on screen. Before this project, I kind of stuck to keeping my stories on paper and napkins. I knew one day I would venture into film making, I just need a push.

Fast forward to the year 2008, I nudge myself by taking a TV and Film class and that’s pretty much where the project took off. This particular project was not one of my filed ones, “The Choice” actually came to life this year on scrap paper (I like to think it was divine intervention).

One of my goals as a film maker is to tell stories that make people think and feel.  It is my faith and love for Jesus Christ that encourages me to use my gifts and talents for a Godly purpose.


Damian Daniels

This man is an extraordinary talent, a Jack of all trades.

Damian is no stranger to this field of work. He knows his stuff inside and out and has quite a list of side projects. His expertise and dedication pushed and inspired me to do my best.  I’ve learned much from him and consider myself blessed to have worked on a project with him.