Thank you for your support. "The Choice" is moving along with promise and purpose. Within two weeks, the team and I should come to an agreement of the official cast. If you are interested, please review and familiarize yourself with the script. Thanks, again.




Novemeber 15, 2008. This is the ideal finish date for wrapping up the entire project.








"The Choice"

Filming will take place in Fayetteville, NC.


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Greetings and Salutations!
You have just entered the realm of B. Teresa Van Wagner. The purpose of this quest is to discover my creative outlet and create an ongoing document that plots my ups and downs within my individual creative quests.

I believe that ones creative spirit is not created or enticed by his or her sole desires.  On that note, I venture into a byline about myself.
I’ve always considered myself a creative being. I believe I was created with a purpose to create and share among other things. I was born to creative parents and have always been surrounded by creative people. It truly amazes me. Through the life of this page, I want to invite you on a journey of creativity.

My first creative project known to you is the production of “The Choice”. This project started off as a question and then went further into development. I want to show you different aspects of creating a film. Yes, it’s my first film. I must admit not by choice, but by scholastic pressure…I need to make the grade. But sometime it takes pressure to make you move on projects you’ve always been working on.

But this quest is not by itself. It's supported by the people around me. I watch the creative process of others and learn. So, I somehow want to incoporate the projects of those close by. This includes, but is not limited to, backgrounds of carpenters, weavers, artists, and writers. I want to encourage others by my works and efforts, and by the works and efforts of those that inspire me.

This is a work in progress so bear with me as the site grows and develops. I hope you enjoy and most of all, I hope you are inspired!


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