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History of Kappa Alpha Psi at Methodist University 05 June, 2013: 7PM EST.

The desire to charter a chapter of KAPsi at MU was started in 2008, supported by the immediate 31st Grand Polemarch at that time, Dwayne M. Murray, Esq. it was echoed at the Middle Eastern Province level by the immediate past Province Polemarch Brother Sheldon Jackpot McAlpin. At the local level in Fayetteville NC, the actual charting discussions were taking place between the Fayetteville Fort Bragg Pope AFB Past Polemarch, and advisor of EB at Fayetteville State University Brother Floyd Shorter. At the University level, the president during this time was Dr. Elton Hendricks, and the Dean of Students was Mr. George Blanc. Brother Shorter was in constant communication with students at Methodist University, led by Mr. Terron Stubbs, who was the first student at Methodist University who was instrumental in sparking interest to start a Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. Mr. Stubbs and approximately 11 young men did not complete the kappa process at Methodist University but will be for ever remembered as key individuals who supported the historical Chartering Event on the campus of Methodist University.

During this era of discussions, one of the major obstacles to moving forward with the charting process at MU was that Methodist University required a fulltime employee who worked at the campus to advise the chapter. Nevertheless, the leadership of KAPsi and the students at MU continued to pursue a chapter at Methodist University.

As the leadership changed at all levels, the vision of charting a chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi at Methodist University remained unwavering; starting with the 32nd Grand Polemarch Brother William “Randy” Bates, Jr. Esq. Who assumed office in 2011. The new leader of the Middle Eastern Province was now Province Polemarch, Brother Carlos D. Watson, Esquire; he continued the efforts and support of charting a chapter of KAPsi at Methodist University, and charged Brother Sheldon Jackpot McAlpin to ensure this process moved forward. At Alumni level in Fayetteville NC, there were two other polemarchs who were instrumental in supporting the charting conversations with Methodist University as well, these gentlemen were Past Polemarch Michael Bay and Cedric Carrington.

As leadership continued to change at the Alumni level, the immediate past Polemarch Brother Victor Sharpe, continued discussions with the leadership at Methodist University. The president of the University who agreed to allow KAPsi to charter a chapter at the University was Dr. Ben Hancock. However, the fine details and discussions of how to actually execute this historical event would take place between the Alumni Chapter’s past and present leadership, the new Dean of students, Mr. William Walker, and the Director of Greek life Mrs. Doris Munoz and her assistant Mr. Ryan Bowyer.

These discussions were very successful and set in motion the key elements to initiate the first line of Kappa Alpha Psi at Methodist University. In the spring of 2012, Brother Victor Sharpe and Dr. Terry House, a faculty member at MU, and not yet a member of KAPsi, met over lunch and discussed the objectives of the fraternity. Brother Sharpe emphatically expressed to Dr. House that the fundamental purpose of KAPsi was achievement in every field of Human endeavor; however, the vision of chartering a chapter of KAPsi at Methodist University could not happen without a fulltime employee of the University agreeing to become a Kappa and accepting the responsibility of serving as the Chapter Advisor.

After Dr. House accepted the responsibility of this position, he became a member of KAPsi and part of the Fayetteville Fort Bragg Pope AFB alumni Chapter of KAPsi Inc. in the spring 2012. Also included in spring 2012 line of initiates was the first student at Methodist University to become a Member of KAPsi, was Brother Terrell Stallings. The key leadership of the spring 2012 line process was: Brother Victor Sharpe, Polemarch; Brother Lee Small, Vice Polemarch and MOIP Chairman; and Brother Timothy Peters, MOIP Co-Chairman.

In the spring of 2013, the new leadership of the Fayetteville Alumni chapter continued to support the mission to establish a charter and Chapter at Methodist University. The new alumni leaders, Brother Polemarch Lee Small and Vice Polemarch Timothy Peters, continued the support to create a chapter at Methodist University by have a spring 2013 line. The support mechanism for this process consisted of two KAPsi undergraduate chapters, and the Fayetteville Alumni chapter coming together to support Methodist University’s line process. The Six young men who crossed in the spring 2013 were initiated under the Nu Omicron Chapter of KAPsi at Pembroke University. The Polemarch of NO was Cyrus Bullock and the vice Polemarch Ian Jackson. The NO advisor team consisted of Brother Lee Hammond and co-advisor Brother Leonard Jones. The two Deans of Pledges for spring 2013 line were Brother Terrell Stallings of EB, and Brother Gerald Gaddy of NO.

Directly supporting this historical line of aspirants during the MOIP process was: The MOIP Chairman and Vice Polemarch of the Alumni Chapter, Brother Timothy Peters, the Methodist University Advisor brother Terry House, the Epsilon Beta Advisor at Fayetteville State University, Brother Rodney McCrowre, the Epsilon Beta Polemarch brother Erving T. Brinkley and Vice Polemarch Christopher T. Heyward. The six Aspirants became Members of the Nu Omicron Chapter of KAPsi on March 22nd, 2013, at the MOIP Cluster and Province meeting in Wilmington NC.

The seven Charter Members of the Rho Zeta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. at Methodist University, Are as follows:

Terrell Stallings, Virginia: E.B

Jamaal Doran, Kernersville, NC. Chapter: N.O

John Papillion, Newport, NC. Chapter: N.O

Vionte Pigford, Fayetteville, NC. Chapter: N.O

Jameco McKenzie, Nassau Bahamas. Chapter: N.O

Ombati Mogaka, Raleigh, NC. Chapter: N.O

Breon Holmes, Statesville, NC. Chapter N.O