"Liturgical dance, in which the dancer worships religiously through music and movement, is a part of some faith practices. The dance requires costumes that move freely with the dancer, are easy to care for, have a modest cut and often have a sweeping, loose form. Several types of fabrics can be used in liturgical dance costumes, but dancers favor polyester and nylon for their easy care requirements." - Nadia Nygaard


Polyester and Polyester Blends-Medium-weight fabrics that come in nearly any color imaginable, polyester and polyester blends are the most common fabrics used in liturgical dancewear.

Nylon-Smooth, lightweight and strong, nylon is appropriate for full dresses, pants and tops in liturgical dance wear, as well as accent pieces such as sheer sleeves and overskirts.

Spandex-Used extensively in all dancewear, including liturgical dancewear, spandex or elastine fabrics are stretchable, moving with the dancer and springing back to the original shape after movement.

Chiffon-Light and sheer, chiffon is appropriate for special applications such as sheer sleeves or decorative, contrasting overlays on shirts, dresses and skirts.