What is Liturgical Dance?





The Religious Background of the dance:

Liturgical dance is unlike any other dance forum being that it is pratice soly by inspiration from God. It is because of that very reason it makes this dance form Exclusive! If someone wanted to become an ballerina or a Jazz dancer they would have to seek out spefice intitutions who could teach them the basic standards and qualification to become the dnacer they want to be. However in Liturgical dance anyone with the desire and passion to dance in this form can do so. Liturgical dance was introuced in the church to express the love of God is another way other than speaking.

Praise dancing has been an important aspect of religious worship since ancient times. There have been numerous descriptions of this particular form of dance, which has received various labels as a result. This kind of dance has been referred to as worship, biblical, praise and liturgical, to name a few.

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The Meaning of Liturgical Dance:


Liturgical dance