The Weave Consieur


Likes: Im my many years of wearing weave youtube is my number one go to for nweave. when trying new diffrent brands youtube offers a video serach engine unlike google or anyother search engine that just offerrs search pages. It is alos easy to navigate simple typing in the word weave generates hundreds of videos.

Dislikes: unforturnly yotube is open for everyone to use so sometimes videos uploeade about weaves can incaute it important to look for peopple with alot of views and likes because if not the advice can be misleading. The way the videos are seleted can cause a problem because youtbe do not offer a keyword search so that makes it hard to narrow down a particular brand.

My Hair Divine:

Likes: the page is really easy to navigate it has alot of visuals which I like. The graphis on the page is visual stimualting and the color scheme is nice.

Dislikes: The videos are not high quality some of the usuer camera are not good so that makes for a low quality video.

Extentions the Hair Professionals:

Likes : navigation its great everthing you want to know is on the first page. alot of picture too on the first page which I like.

Dislikes: The slide show on the home page moves a little to fast hard to see all the details. also the seach engine box was hard to find.


Likes: Amazon can be use to shop and buy many products. I like this one for hair extensinin because the search engine allows you to get very detailed in your search which narrows the results .

Dislikes: There are so many results sometimes its diffucult to sift through the results.

Sally's Beauty:

Likes: Sally's is real resourceful the page it links up to other sally produts in the state just in case your state dont have it in supply you have the option of getting it shipped.

Dislikes: The navagation is kind of chaotic. hard to get to where you want to get to.