1) Apple is one of my favorite websites and is very effective in reaching to its audience. It use all of the recent technologies to make its website as interactive and attractive as possible. It uses all the techniques to create a effectie and interacive online shopping webite. Apple 's primary audience is the general public and everybody can go and find what they want on the Apple's product list. Apple prducts make full use of the internet's great sources because is used by everyone and Apple is one of the best websites that people use to when it comes to buying Apple products.They provide some stunning images of their products and it so vivid that one would fall in love with each and every product. Apple is so good and perfect that I dont have any sugestion to improve it because it looks good the way it works now. I like how simple the website look and how they play with the color and the fonts. The simplistic yet so enhanced look makes it very effective website. The quality of the graphic is well and it helps user have better experience while viweing the website.Therefor, I gave grade A to Apple since it is a very interative and enahnced website and very very east to use.

2) Ebay is another one of my favorite website for shoping online and I think it is very effective in reaching and attracting people to shop with it. That is the main reason Ebay is one of the top most used website for online shopping. The color scheme used by ebay is simple and peaceful for the eyes that way spending extra time on the web does not become irritating. Also, the websited have many categories to shop from but they have organized the information well so it does not look messy. Also the website makes good use of graphics since it shows good quality images of all the items listed. They also have zoom feature that lets you see the image from different angles and closely. So to conclude, I would award an grade A from Ebay beause it makes good use of graphics, colors, and fonts, and images.

3) People love electronics because it makes life easier, hence; there are websites that just sells electronics online. Best Buy tops the chat when it comes to shopping electrnics online. The color blue is very pleasant for human eyes so different shades of blue go well in enhancing user's experience and Best Buy takes advantage of that. Searching through the websites is pretty east but the way items are organized makes it look a little messy. Alos the do not have multiple images of items for viweing which is a downside. Usually electronics have lost of specifications and details and I think the website could use a little work in that area. Besides that, it uses good color scheme, reaches its audience in well fashioned manner. I would award the grade B for Best Buy website.

4) H&M is a retail-clothing company, known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. The H&M brand is very famous amoungst women so the website is made in such way that it shows lots of imagery to attract its audience. The home page of the of the website just shows large images of the top selling items. Also, these kind of brands always change their website color scheme and styling to make it look fresh. Currently, the webisted had lots of white colored background that made it look very bright and not really that peaceful but it does attract lots of young crowd. The imges and graphics are also very good quality that makes it valueable. Hence, H&M does strike a cord when it comes to online shopping. Also it brings in lots of fashionable items to seel which raises it stakes. Therefor, I gave grade A to H&M because it has been in the market for long time and it is different that the traditional online shopping websites.

5)Anothe traditional online shopping wesbites that provides user with almost every single item is Amazon. The first thing that attracts user's attention is its simple name and logo. The logo design besically suggests that it sells or delivers all the items from A to Z. It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. However, Amazon. Ebay and Amazon both do almost the same thing but their websites have diiferent approaches. Personally, I prefer Ebay over Amazon because I think it is more easy to use. Amazon uses list show its items with lots of texts and images which makes it messy. Also using categories and sorting filters in Amazon is takes extra time. Amzonf has great array of items but it is not very user frinedly, you might need a few extra cliks to get what you need. The color schems is pretty simplistic and graphics are fine as well just the information is not well organized. The suggestion would be to organize the item's and its information well. The better the oragnization the better the user experince. However, it stil reaches a big amount of people and is the most widely used online shopping wesbite. So I would give the grade B for Amazon.

6) Lowe's is an American company that operates a chain of retail home improvement and appliance stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. People buy furniture and home appliances for great price at Lowe's. Lowe's also have a website that people could visit to buy thing or just to check things before actually visiting the stores. The website is pretty effective and lets people browse through different items and the graphics are very vivid that helps the website be even more effective. I really like the color, logo, graphic and navigation that they used in their website. It is also very easy to use because they have most of the stuff from most of the category that one need in their daily life. Comparing to the home appliences and furniture stores, Lowe's surely has higher value for the way they showcase themselves through their website. The audience, home-owners, are surely reached with the creative way of the website. Therefor, I gave grade A to Lowe's because is the website that is used mostly everyday by people and the website works perfectly without any problem.

7) Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores. People use Walmart for grocery the most and they can also shop and order food, cloths and electronic devices online. The main thing about Walmart is that it has all the items one could need under one roof and that is the reason it is so popular amongst people. Since the stores are very popular it is obivious that their website has to be well consturcted and effective. The wesbits features in blue and white color which makes it very simple. The website has a lot items and categories and it makes it a little messy. There is a lot of information but not enough organization. The color and graphics are well whihc makes it interactive. Walmart is one of the best websites that people used alot everyday when it comes to buying grocery or any other things that they need. The wesbite uses lots of recent tehniques and methods to make the website faster but due its heavy usage of information it does not get there. Therefor, I will give grade B becasue there is not enough organization.

8) The Starbucks Corporation is the largest coffeehouse company in the world and it is very a poular palce to get some refreshment. the chain operates large amount of stroes around the world and what other way will adverstise them better than a perfectly crafted website. People use Starbucks for buying hot and cold drinks, plus it also has snacks and sweets. The websites is very simple and mostly green and white since the starbucks logo is mostly in green. The websites sells coffee and tea bags and also cups. They also have gift cards and people can buy giftcards in the store or online. It is a effective website to everyone because coffee is someting people want everyday plus the website have just a few items which makes it look very clean. navigating though the website content and menu is very easy and just need few clicks. the color scheme and graphics properties are perfectly used to make it interactive and effective. I really like the color, logo, graphic and navigation that they used in their website. Therefor, I gave grade A to the website for its clean and simple look.

9) Target used to be a cloting store but now they sell all kind of items but not a big scale like Walmart. Target color scheme of the website is white and red and it has a huge menu to browse through before you could actully find the items that you need. Also there are lots of ads, every section you browse through has ads and most of the space is taken by the ads. People use target for many reason, it always has discounted price and a large variety of things. The color compliment the effiectiveness of the website. I really like the color, logo, graphic and navigation that they used in their website. It is very clear and easy to use and it is a great internet source. The grapics are very deep since they have great pictures and vidoes that guide you through different parts of the wesbite. Hence, I gave grade A to the website for its great attrative color and graphics.

10) Forever 21 is a clothing brand that is considered fresh and fashionable. It is famous amongst young females which is its primary audience. Forever 21 website is very simple to use yet it the design and the graphics are vert sopisticated. The color scheme is all white with very perfect font styles that just add up to the elegant and stylish website design. The grapics are just incredible with its quality and quanity. There are lots of pictures that add different colors and shades to the website make it more attracive and interactive. The color, the logo and the design are all very catchy that just sticks in people's head. The information and pictures are organized very well to show its simplicity and that is the reason people choose Forever21 over other shops. The wesbsite surely deserves and gets and A for its elegant design, incredible grapgics, stylish fonts and overall a perfect look.