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MURadio is where I got started broadcasting Football and Basketball games over the internet live as well as doing live talk shows right on the campus of Methodist University.


Interview with ESPN Radio's David Glenn

BZ= Billy Zeoli

DG= David Glenn


BZ: Mr. Glenn thanks for taking the time to do this interview, first off how did you get started in the sports world?

DG: I first started out interning for a minor league baseball team called the Durham Bulls. They are the triple A team for the Tampa Bay Rays in the MLB. I was interviewed twice and kept nagging them to hire a nobody so I could become a somebody mostly.

BZ: How long did you work there for?

DG: I was there for about 4 years doing marketing stuff for the Bulls before I joined ESPN radio in 2000. I had an afternoon spot on our AM station 850 the buzz until about 2009.

BZ: How did you end up getting the ESPN Radio gig?

DG: Well they broadcasted a lot of Durham Bulls games and they were looking for more personalities and more shows at the time and I knew it was the right move for me at the time.  I was also writing for the ACC Sports Journal and then launched the website in 2008 so doing that and doing my radio show really brought more attention to me and what I was trying to do with my career.

BZ: Do you find it’s harder now a days to keep ratings up on the radio? Is radio dying?

DG: Radio has declined in recent years yes but, we stream on apps now with the Tune-In app and other things and now that everything is mostly revolved around the internet, people can still listen in on their phone, tablet or computer if they wanted to. I feel like I’ve been doing this for so long that I know how to keep my listeners.

BZ: Any advice for upcoming college sports writers or anyone trying to join the sports journalism/radio world?

DG: Don’t give up, North Carolina is a college state, basketball and football are dominated by the college level here. Obviously you have the Panthers and Bobcats in Charlotte but mostly everything is around UNC, Duke, State, Wake Forest as well as minor league baseball teams or summer baseball leagues. There are a lot of opportunities for young people like yourself to get your feet wet. Start from the bottom, work hard and love what you do and you will be where you want to be sooner than later.



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