The Nehemiah Band is not your typical Christian music group. Mixing alternative sound to beats made for rapping, this group brings a style of music to the Christian music scene that is appealing to a listener who wants to blast more than just praise music in their car. This Los Angeles-based group gains more popularity in an appropriate time where fusion genres are common to a music-lover’s ears. And while some groups either go the route of being purely mellow or the route of being overly-produced, this group keeps their music raw with acoustic instruments as well produced beats.

The Nehemiah Band’s lyrical content includes a variety of topics. While often singing (or rapping) about the ups and downs of a Christian lifestyle, the group maintains a lively and fun edge. Their song “Rice, Kimchi, and Eggs” speaks for itself in that the substance of this song is nothing more than what the title says it is, yet the song’s addition says so much about the capabilities of the group. Eclecticism definitely comes to mind when one listens to their EP, titled, The Porter Ranch Fires. The band’s songs are personal enough to demonstrate a passion for the music they produce, but maintain an outreach to those listeners seeking connection of shared suffering, conviction, and altogether transformation. In addition, the band has performed to a variety of audiences and for different purposes—from supporting missions at church café nights to concerts that simply provide an outlet for upcoming artists.



1. Name: The Nehemiah Band (Daniel Chae, Daniel “Descry” Lee, John Chong, Kevin Kim, and Mike Whang)

2. Genre of music: RetroPop (Kevin Kim) // Hip-Hop/Turntablism (Daniel “Descry” Lee)
2a. Sounds like: The Musical Love Child of Stephen Mason/David Crowder/John Mayer/The Edge/Jimi Hendrix/Robert White/Jimmy Nolen/Freddie Green/Quest Love (Kevin Kim)

3. Who influences your style of music?

4. What is your songwriting process like?
I wait. Because at random intervals over a long period of time (I'm talking weeks and months) I will feel inspiration to write. Many times the inspiration will give fruit to uninventive lyrics and melodies, but every so often they will turn out alright. I also like to indiscriminatively read books from a variety of writers. From Thoreau to Piper to Joyner to Bickle to Lahiri to Tozer. Keeping fresh thoughts and expressive writing a part of your daily diet is a healthy habit for all songwriters. (Mike Whang)

5. Where do you get your inspiration?

6. How does your faith tie in with your music?

7. Songs on repeat in your music player:

8. Favorites
            Thing(s) to do together:

            Place to practice:

            Moment during rehearsal/performance:

9. How did you guys decide to come together as a band?

10. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?


(by Veronica Han www.kacmedia.org)