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1. How YOUNG is your cat?

The CatAge Test will calculate your cat's biological age, or CatAge, in people years,

based on your cat's health, nutrition, activity level, and safety. You'll also receive

personalized cat health recommendations to help your cat live a longer, healthier life.

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2.Should Cats Drink Milk? 

In the movies, cats love a bowl of cold milk. In the real world, giving

a cat milk can do more harm than good. As long as your cat is eating a high

quality food, and has access to clean fresh water, she is getting all that she needs.

Milk alone is not a sufficient diet for any cat, and should never be given in place

of food OR in place of water. Replacing a cat’s food or water with milk can cause

your cat to become malnourished. Kittens, unlike full grown cats, DO need milk,

but the milk they need is their mother’s. NEVER give a kitten cow’s milk!

3. How to Stop a Cat from Scratching?

Cats need to scratch. It’s not something they do just to annoy you, wake you

from a beautiful sleep, only to torment you with their claws two hours later.

They are not selfishly trying to test your last bit of restraint and are certainly not

concerned with the fact that their habit ruins your furniture. They need to scratch

for the health of their claws. Stopping a cat from scratching is like stopping a train

wreck with your bare hands. Unless you are harboring a super power, it isn’t going

to happen. The best you can hope for is teaching them the appropriate place to scratch.

Don’t pretend you know how to be a cat. Decidedly crouching on the floor and showing

your cat the basics of scratching isn’t likely to train him to do anything but to see you as

odd, at least a little more so for the moment.