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I do not only feel that cat is the absolutely ideal pet and companion, but also believe the adorable creature

to be nothing less than a work of art itself. The cat is an animal of a "thousand faces," observes art historian

Zuffi in this grand tour of the cat's various artistic incarnations. Graceful, devious, playful, luxuriating, fierce,

affectionate, petulant, and aloof--in short, domestic without being domesticated--the cat has inspired artists for

centuries. What cats represent to us in life, they bring to art: elegance and grace; domestic tranquility; symbols

of sensuality and mischievousness. Here are paintings by Renoir, Gauguin, Rousseau, and others. Sometimes the

cats are the stars of the work, and sometimes they are working their magic from the corners of rooms—in which

case both the whole work and a detail showing the cat are illustrated.

This page brings all that is best in cat art together in one place for you!


You love reading about cats. You want to know about the history of cats, feline health, your favorite breeds, and of course cat related art.

And that is just what this page has here for you to enjoy...