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Once upon a time there was a kitten born in a little Siberian town. One day, the owner took him to a pet-shop and gave him to a family that wanted to get a cat very much. They named the kitten Basil. Basil was growing up fast, was eating tasty foods, was playing a lot, and, eventually, turned into a big, beautiful cat, the favorite of mom, dad, daughter, and son. He walked around the house with an air of importance putting out his claws. He slept exceptionally in parents’ bad dragging off their blankets. He liked to look down on everyone and for that purpose he climbed up a wardrobe.
Couple years after the family moved to a big Siberian city. Basil was flying on a plane, was looking out of a window from his carriage and was infinitely happy- he never had a chance to reach up so high.

In the big Siberian city Basil met a girl named Maria. They became friends, but they didn't see each other as often as Basil wanted. Basil new that Maria liked cats and he also new that he was special because he was the only cat Maria adored so much. Being half-siamese, cross-eyed, 13 year old, round faced, chubby body cat, Basil was not a perfect Siamese cat but he was sometimes trying to give such an impression. That’s why Maria used to make fun of him saying that she fell in love with Basil’s beautiful deep blue eyes, his aristocratic gaze, the long lithe body, and the tail that’s like a piece of string that tapers to infinity. Basil used to get so angry because he didn’t understand that there’s nothing interesting in being an ideal. In fact, Maria thought ideal was so boring and she wanted the cat to understand that he is the best cat ever without meeting the special requirements. Instead, Basil was a perfect cat for her because of how devoted he was and what a sense of fun he had. All that combined with acute intelligence, inquisitive personality and a loving nature made him an absolutely perfect, greatly beloved cat. We also believe that he is a living art and that’s why Maria (me) dedicated her first website to Basil and Paul (Basil’s owner and artist) used the cat’s image in many of his works.