Chapter 1: Outcast Swordsman and Combat Queen

Part 1
“Man what happened last night? The main things I remember are my birthday, new weapons, a new hoverboard, and… that’s right my master...I killed him in order to inherit his sword.”

I recalled everything yesterday that transpired up to the point of my master’s attack and death, but I wonder if that girl I saw last was real or just part of my dreams? I had no time to ponder that.

“Oh that’s right. I need to get a move on or I’m going to be late. I still have to get dressed and eat breakfast!”

(About 30 minutes later.)

“Okay master, I’m leaving.”

I knew it there would be no answer this time, but I still did it out habit, he might be gone from this world but I know he’s always with me no matter where I am.

“What’s this a note? Who would leave me a note? Wait this is the Tachibana symbol. Which can only mean one thing.”

“Good morning Jet, yesterday was full of so many events I’m impressed that you’re still able to get up and head to your first day school all things considering. However I will not make this note long, just remember to look out for me later when you get to campus, I’ll explain more to you later about the school and the tournament surrounding it. See you soon! Sincerely, Yui.”

“I swear that girl is walking question mark. No time to think about this need to get moving.”

I grabbed my bag, mounted my board and just started riding as fast as I could. All during my ride over to the school I only thought about what’s going to happen to me from now on if I can survive at one of the top ranked schools in all of Japan and in the world.

Part 2

(45 minutes later.)

“Well this is it, Kanto Academy where students from all over come to study here in order become the best mechanized warriors. Despite its well-known reputation and accommodations for each student the school’s been on a losing streak, so the old director decided to retire and let a new director take over with the hope that they will bring this academy to glory once again. According to master they made some drastic changes to the battle system here and allowed low ranking students to attend here for the first time in all of its history. The best part about this place is that it’s on an island off the coast of Tokyo with 3 distinct locations for each match and year of classes.”

“Hey F-Rank you may have been able to get accepted here, but expect no help from any of us. By the time this semester is up you won’t be around here anymore. I’ll see to that personally.”

“(That’s right most of the students here are D-Rank and above. They love to torment those who don’t have high magic abilities. I’m no exception because of the amount of magic power you have is definite from the day you were born, there’s no changing it. I’m ranked F because of this system.)”

“Can you hear me? I’m talking to you reject.”

“Yeah I can hear you, if you’re done with the insults then can you at least show me where the gym is?”

“How dare you ask me that, but if you must know it’s in the second building on the first floor.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me now get lost I think my credibility just went down by even telling that much.”

Well he may have been harsh and blunt but at least he was honest in giving those directions now I know where to go for orientation.

“At least my board is compatible with my armor and I can store just like everything else when it’s not in use.”

“Great I need to get those documents signed and dated before orientation starts.”


“That wasn’t fun. Hey are you okay I’m sorry for knocking you down.”

“It is fine young man I should apologize I was engrossed in my paperwork again.”

“I can see that let me help you at least pick this up.”

“That would be helpful.”

Big load of paperwork for her, but even on the first day even teachers and faculty still have stuff to do.

“That should be the last of it.”

“Thank you for help in picking all that up.”

“No problem, I should get a move on orientation begins soon.”

“Oh well then I should not be keeping you then. What’s your name?”

“Rioichi Sakuraba, but just call me Jet okay?”

“Okay then Jet see you later.”


“Wait… I’ve seen his file he’s F-Rank right? He may have a low magic output, but based on my analysis of him as of now he could match with me in both fair and unfair fights. Good thing I changed the rules this year this will be definitely entertaining for me and the school. Maybe he could change the world its way of thinking for all low ranking students.”

“Seems like no matter where I go I’m always helping others no matter who they are or what the situation is well that’s how I was raised.”

(20 Minutes Later.)

“Ha…..made it. By the skin of teeth I’m here on time. So where do I line up?”

“Over there where all low-ranking newcomers go.”

“I see. Judging by their aura most of these people are not happy to be here. Must be due to the bad treatment and intimidation from the other higher ranking student and teachers. Could be worse though, so I should get in line.”
Looks like all the students here in my section are E-Rank. I’m the only F-Rank here, they should be treated better than I am, but I guess unless you’re 2nd or 3rd Year with that rank you have to put with the same torment as the other lower ranking 1st Years.

“May I have your attention please? Orientation will now begin.”

“Wait a minute that voice…I knew it it’s that woman from earlier.”

“My name is Shiro Kirigiri, the director and principal of Kanto Academy starting this year, and I welcome everyone here to this great establishment.”

“That’s quite the shock I met the director and I did not even know it at the time.”

“Now listen you’re all wondering why I opened the school lower ranking students for the first time in all of Kanto’s Academy’s history. The reason is simple we’re on a losing streak for the past 7 years. So what I decided to do when I made director was to open up the academy to anyone no matter their ranking, change the battle system from point to wins, and change the training regime. With these conditions everyone here has a fair chance to compete for the tournament. More rules will be explain in your homeroom class let’s have a great year and give it your best everyone is that clear?”

“Yes director we will give it everything we have with no regrets!”

“That’s all I needed to hear from you now I turn it over to our top ranked students of each year.”

“My name is Miyako Kodama the 3rd Year representative A-Rank nice to meet you all.”

“Hey there I’m Kenji Oshima the 2nd Year representative B-Rank just to let you know I plan on taking winning the whole thing.”

“My name is Yui Tachibana the 1st Year representative S-Rank, let’s go and seize our own fates for this school year and in the tournament!”

“What the hell? She’s the top ranked student in the 1st Year, and in the whole school? Man she did not mention this to me or the fact that we would be attending the same school.”

At that point I was lost in my thoughts enough that I did not hear everyone cheering. Yui got the most praise though from both guys and girls alike from what I could tell. I decided to get to class before anyone else so I could try and sort this out. I ran to the classroom as fast as I could, avoiding the slew of insults that were coming way eventually if I stuck around for too long.

Part 3

“Hey look who it is, the F-Rank.”

“I heard some interesting rumors about him.”

“Like what?”

“He killed his master, so he could inherit his armor.”

“Word around campus is that his parents abandoned him because his low magic output.”

“I heard that he can’t even use magic.

“I also recall hearing from one of the upper classmen that he got into this academy by threatening a teacher.”
These rumors are running wild and it’s only the first day. Some are half-truth others are just lies meant to discredit me.

“Seriously why do people assume the worse out of low rankers like me? I can’t let them get to me I have a dream to find and achieve.”

“Hey everyone I just got some good info! Yui Tachibana will be in our class this year. I just heard from our teacher.”

“Wow the school’s number 1 idol here in our class.”

“I want to ask her a few questions about her fighting style.”

“I want to know how she manages to make her uniform standout from the other students.”

“Will she date me? Wait better yet I want her as my future wife.”

“Pervert. Just go crawl under rock and die.”

"Ouch even I know that if say one thing out of line I'm a dead man walking. My rank alone has already got me in the doghouse with everyone."

Just as I wallowing in my own thoughts Yui walked in and had the attention of the whole room. She had them hypnotized like kids in a candy store, and I think if she asked all of our classmates here to burn down the whole school they would not hesitate to do it.

"Hello everyone I look forward to studying and training with you all for our first year together."

"Yui-san please sit next to me!"

"Ignore her sit next to me I have questions for you."

"Yui we want you to sit next to us and join our team for the tournament! I know we can accomplish many things together."

"Thank you everyone but I have a prior engagement with the one in the back."


After making her statement she just walked over to my direction and proceeded to sit next take the seat next to me.

"Hey Jet, did you like orientation?"

"It was good, but you failed to tell that you were S-Rank and the top student of the school."

"You never asked, and I did not want that be an issue between us."

"Too late for that because now the class wants to commit 1st degree murder on me."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Look behind you."

"Oh now I see what you mean. Well I'm sure it will blow over."

I don't know what was scarier the fact the whole class has the kanji symbol for kill in their eyes just waiting for the opportunity to get at me or the fact that Yui is shrugging it off as if it were nothing one thing is sure though it's going to be a long day for me.

"Bastard, how does he know Tachibana-san?"

"How can Yui choose to be with him willingly?"

"Prepare to suffer Reject, by my hands personally."

"Alright people that's enough glaring at Sakuraba and Tachibana class is about to begin."


"A beacon of hope our teacher saved me from the stares for now."

"My name Shouko Fujita, B-Rank and I will be your instructor for your first year. Today's class will be an explanation of

the rules for the school's tournament. Fairly simple right?"

"This teacher definitely straight forward that's for sure."

"She may come off as blunt, but she's one heck of teacher. I've been under her care since my middle school years."

"Okay I will take your words at face value then."

"Now let us begin with the devices on your desks. These are called Hunters, they are your mobile devices mostly developed by CAT and others developed by BloodClaw Productions. They act as a phone, wallet, credit card, ID, and every other basic item you need on hand. These devices also let students know when the next match is, if you or your team fail to show then it's an automatic disqualification. That reminds me the main event will be a team battle each team must have a minimum of 5 members in order to officially register for the tournament. The maximum amount of members on team can 10 members with 5 substitutes on each team which in total makes 15. There are of course exception for certain students. If you’re D-Rank or higher you can compete the minimum requirement drops to 3 members are along as the team leader is at least D-Rank. If you’re B-Rank and above you can compete solo for the tournament if you wish, just remember to take of yourselves out there and don't overdo it is that clear? If not you have to answer to me."

"Yes sensei we understand."

"Also just to let you know once you or your team is defeated the losing party has the option of joining another team for solo if they lose as long it does not exceed the 15 member rule, but if the combined teams lose again you're out for good. This also the perfect opportunity see which people you want on your team. There's more detail I nearly left out in order for a person to have a team and compete in main battle event the leader must have 3 wins from the solo battles, lose one and you have to start over again. Okay then no further questions?"

"I have one Sensei Fujita."

"Ask away then, and please try to call me Shouko or Shouko-san if you can."

"Well sensei what if we don't want to participate in the tournament?"

"Then you will need to the school's director and faculty to let them know if you don't want to compete, but you know..."
She takes at look me and Yui in the back and continues her statement.

"I think everyone should participate in this tournament after all with the new influx of students, the academy is really populated which means you can fight with just about anyone here in academy. This tournament also gives everyone the chance to learn new skills, techniques, and meet new people to forge lasting bonds with. The winners of this tournament gets a reward bonus and the chance to compete for the nationwide tournament against the other schools in Japan, and if the team wins that they get the right to compete in the global tournament next year. So give it your best everyone here's to a great year!"

"Yes Sensei Shouko!"

"That should do it for today for the rest of the class period it's free time, lunch will be ready soon, also after lunch the mock battles will be today to see what type of talents each of you students have based off your skills and fighting styles not your based upon the amount of magic you have. One more thing quit trying to intimidate Sakuraba he maybe an F-Rank but he's a student just everyone else, and you will treat him as such while in here. Is that understood?"

"Got it Sensei."

Based off my initial analysis of our teacher she's very powerful and skilled. She's a B-Rank but you definitely don't want to cross her if you value your own life.

Part 4

(About 1 hour later.)

"Finally lunch time I can dig in and stuff my face until feel satisfied, and the best part is the affordability because it's the school pays for it. Master always said to maximize and organize your budget. I'm just glad that the school gives students ¥300,000 each month to spend on whatever they desire."

"What will you have newcomer?"

"Oh, can I have the Large Shrimp and Chicken Lo Mein Combo with Fried Rice and Teriyaki Chicken?"

"Sure thing, that's a pretty big order."

"I'm in training and I have to make sure that eat enough so I can maximize my training."

"For an F-Rank you give off the vibe of a hard worker, so I will give you my support come here when you need an energy boost I'll make sure you get the proper nutrition."

"Thank you ma'am see you next time!"

"Good luck out there kid!"

"Now where to sit?"

Knowing the people and the current way of thinking, their glares alone tell me that none of them are going to sit next to me because of my rank. They think if they sit with me their credibility and chance to win at the school's tournament will go down if join them for any reason. Best find another location to eat in peace.

"Hey Jet, there you are you kind of bailed on me when you heard the lunch bell."

"Sorry about that Yui I had food on my mind, so I rushed over here guided by stomach."

"That's fine, listen we need to talk join me for lunch."

"Why is he talking to her so freely?"

"That boy will ruin Tachibana's reputation she should be with someone that more class and a higher rank."

"Let's kill him!"

"Tachibana why must you be so cruel?"

"Good work there buddy!"

"Oh man with the amount of mixed reactions around the room this won't end well if we stay here."

"Something wrong Jet? You look like a hawk in a frenzy trying to defend your territory."

"It's nothing I'll take you up on your offer, but we can't stay here we need find someplace else to talk."

"Okay if you say so--Hey what are you doing?"

"Getting us out here just go along with it for a little bit."

"So forceful, you plan on confessing to me when we get there?"

"Be serious here are you trying incite a war with the whole lunchroom?"

"That does it get him!"

"You're gonna pay for this Sakuraba!"

"Make your move man!"

"We need to get away from them now. Hold on tight Yui prepare to faster than you have ever ran before!"

"What do you mean?"

"Speed of the Wyvern!"

"Whoa! Hey what is this? Slow down Jet!"

Ignoring her pleas to slow down I knew we had to go someplace where I know it won't be crowded, so I kept on running.

(About 15 minutes later.)

"Finally, we got away from them. The students here are definitely well trained."

"Of course this is Kanto Academy. It's still on a losing streak yes, but it still trains students to be great warriors, has a college division that automatically enrolls them immediately once they graduate if they choose to attend, and offers and helps graduating students get career of their own choice when they graduate."

"That's good to know for future reference."

"Well we're here on the roof of the 1st year stadium, this should be far enough."

"At least I can eat in peace and talk with you for awhile."

"I think the lunchroom would have been fine as well."

"Are you insane? That's a bloodbath waiting to happen for me, and I'd never get to eat. Are you really trying to incite war here?"

"You would have been fine after all I saw you fight in Akihabara yesterday."

"Yes, but fighting outside of the designated battle areas for school with weapons is strictly prohibited, but you already know this right? I can't afford to make a simple mistake like that. That's just one more reason for them to get rid of me."

"So you brought me out here now you're going to confess to me right? I don't mind you know."

"Be serious here okay you why I brought you out here. We need to talk about the tournament and deal I made with you."

"I know don't worry just busting your balls you know?"

"That's not funny."

"Anyway shall we dig in and speak the food's going to get cold soon."

"Right. We need to bless it first."


"So tasty this chicken is just right and this fried rice is cooked to perfection. These Lo Mein and Yakisoba Noodles have the perfect texture."

"Someone's a food critic, and you should slow down as well it looks like you're inhaling food."

"This how I eat because with my master you snooze you lose."

"Well it's obvious you hold your master in high regard. Anyway I'll answer the questions you have for me as best as I can."

"Right my first question is simple what are the conditions I have to adhere to?"

"As I mentioned yesterday you will become my student for my family's dojo."

"You also mentioned I had to listen and execute everything you say within reason what does that mean?"

"I have two conditions the first is you must form a team with in the tournament and the second one is you must live me in my family's dojo so I can monitor your progress."

"Okay that sounds--Wait backup a second you I have to live with you!?"

"What is that a problem?"

"How should I put this? Yes it is a big problem! It's one thing that I will be on a team with you, but now are you really trying to plan my funeral!? The whole school is going to be in a frenzy if they find out."

"Don't worry alright no one's going to try anything crazy with you. I'll make sure to that."

"That will make things worse for me. I'll just have to put with it and in return we have to make sure that no student or teacher finds out about my new living arrangement."

"Your call, Jet."

"My second question why did you choose me to be your partner and form a team with you on this? You could have chosen anyone besides me."

"You remind me of someone I knew from a long time ago, and I've had my eye on you for awhile now. I want to see a revolution occur you're going to be the center of it."

That only answers about 50% of my question. She dodging the question and pursuing this any further will get me nowhere right now, so I'll just skip it for now and move on.

"My last question is what will we do for the tournament? It's a team battle with the exceptions of three man teams, and solo fighters. If you lead our team then all we need is three members and then we're set."

"True, but I plan for you lead our team."

"Come again?"

"Listen well Jet, I want to compete but there's no fun if I compete solo or have lead a trio to victory, and people have high expectations from me if I lead them."

"That sounds crazy, but it's understandable."

"If you lead the team then you have a chance to show what happens when underestimate your opponents despite their ranking."

"You planned this from the start didn't you?"

"Of course I did I knew what I wanted to do before even coming here."

"Looks I'm in for a wild ride."

"Don't worry I may not be able to replace the master you lost, but what I can do is fill his shoes and become your teacher in the ways of releasing your inner power. Is that acceptable?"

"I can live with those terms. Well let's finish eating we have the mock battles right after lunch, and I want to be sure that I have all the energy I need for it."

"One track mind I see when comes to fighting, but you have a good point there we do need the energy for the mock battle so let's eat our fill.

(Munch Munch Munch.)

It felt kind of strange but to be honest it brought back some good memories I had before I met Master Yoshimitsu and after met him as well. I remembered eating with parents like this and my childhood friends Ryusei and the girl we hung out with.

Wait why did I just remember her some odd reason? I don't know her name, but she bears a striking resemblance to Yui.

Could they be the same person? I don't have enough evidence to support this theory for now I just need to focus on the mock battles.

"You feeling okay there Jet?"

"Whoa! A little too close for me Yui."

"Heh heh. I was just worried, you were deep thinking just now right? Care to tell me what's on your mind?"

"No thanks not now. Let's just finish eating okay?"

"Fine, but if any bothers you let me know this big sister will do her best to resolve it."

"Since when did you become my big sister?"

"Just now!"

This girl is definitely a walking question mark.

Part 5

(After lunch.)

"It's time for the mock battles are you ready for this Jet?"

"Ready as always."

"Very good. When do you fight?"

"I'm the last match of day, looks like most of the teachers are giving me the side eye as well they want me out here."

"Ignore it and you'll be fine. I'm going to need you to release some of your hidden power for this fight it's the only way I can measure where you stand right now."

“I can only release about 5-10% of my power is that fine?”

“That’s acceptable all I need is glimpse.”

“So where are you on the list?”

“I’m in the first match.”

“I’m not surprised given your ranking and status.”

“Never mind that listen I need you to watch all the matches and get a read on the other students and skill levels this will help us out in the future.”

“What makes you think I can actually read all the students and their power levels easily?”

“I saw what happened back in Akihabara. During the fight your eyes were grayed out from the fight and you only used your weapons once. You can assess your opponent’s movements before they make their first move can’t you?”

“So what if I can anyone can do if they train long enough.”

“Not everyone can maintain it though and your eyes also turn red when fighting on a serious level which means you have another ability don’t you?”

She has the upper hand on me now by paying to attention to that fight, I can’t write this off as “anyone can achieve these results with normal training” anymore.

“I call it “Wyvern Vision” it works in various ways the first way was just stated by you, second way is that I can tap into hidden power within my weapon, third way is that since I have a low magic output, I can always access and maintain it through using chi. There are other uses and I still have to figure them out, but those are the main three and since this technique does not require much power to maintain I can just use a small amount of chi.”

“I see well use that Wyvern Vision on both the crowd and combatants. We’re going to need an estimate what to expect from them in tournament.”

“Would the first combatants please make the way top the battle area?”

“That’s my cue I’d better get a move on do you best I’ll give a reward later Jet!”

“Could you not say that with a mischievous smile. It’s kind of unnerving.”

“I may seem like I’m teasing you but I mean every word I say right now.”

“Right just get going.”

“Alright and sit in a place of where I can find you.”

She left after saying that, so I decided to sit at in the middle row towards the back where I can see everything that’s happening and Yui can see from this distance.

“Alright everyone’s ready for the mock battle to begin am I right?”


“Okay the first match is 1st Year, Yui Tachibana vs. 3rd Year, Zack Meyer!”

“I look forward to I’m facing down one of Japan’s most dominant clans if win against you here even in this mock battle my credibility will sky rocket.”

“Oh come on is that anyway to look at your opponent, but I’m excited for this as well I can’t wait to show what I can do for my family as well.”

“Battle Start!”

“Wyvern Vision.”

“Here I come!”

“Let’s go!”

“They just started and their already going at it really hard.”

Based on my vision alone it looks like the 3rd year has the upper hand with just power, but Yui is scheming something in that head of hers right now, and her weapon is a glaive, but there’s more it as well. It can transform into another weapon.

“Man you’re good as expected of the Tachibana family and it’s dojo.”

“You’re not bad yourself, but I can see you’re already starting to wear down.”

“Well then the next attack decides it right?”

“Sound good to me.”

“I bet it on this technique, Mega Impact!”

“Hm… not bad, but too slow.”

“What the?”

“She disappeared?”

“Not quite, she moving so fast that it looks like she’s gone.”

“Where are you Tachibana?”

“Where are you looking? I’m up here.”

“How is that possible?”

“Conversion! Armored Bow!”


“I knew it her weapon can change form with the flip of a switch.”

“It was a great battle, but this ends now! Meteor Barrage!”

In that instance the whole area was covered in Arrows and her opponent took a big hit from that move and rendered unable to continue.

“Battle over, winner Yui Tachibana!”

“Tachibana you’re so cool.”

“Please join our team!”

“We love you Tachibana-san!”

(These people really love her. Now I see why they made her the Combat Queen.)

“Alright then the next match is…”

Everything to me becomes almost incoherent at this point because the loud cheering. As I’m trying to get my bearings in order Yui shows up right next to me.

“Hey there Jet you get a good glimpse of my true power?”

“Mostly there’s still power you have not yet shown is there?”

“Well I can’t unveil everything on the first day right? We need to keep everyone guessing.”

“Fair enough.”

“Did you see anyone else that stands out for this tournament?”

“Well I did see a few people, but I need to check their stats later when they battle. Everything else is standard because their either to try hide their true nature, or don’t want to be picked right away as a potential threat.”

“Pay attention because the people that standout to us will become a part of our team.”


(2 Hours Later.)

“Well did you get any data on interesting people?”

“Yes I did, but I will tell you later right now I’m the next one up.”

“Right, do your best and make sure you give me something to work with to start your training.”

“Understood, your highness.”

“Just go.”

She shoved me on my way, because of that bad joke I just made.

Part 6

“Everyone it’s come down to the last mast match of the day. You ready?”


“In the West Corner, it’s 3rd Year, Daisuke Murakami!”

“We’re rooting for you Murakami-kun!”

“Put that failure in his place!”

“Let’s go Murakami!”

“In the East Corner it’s 1st Rioichi Sakuraba!”

“Go home reject!”

“No one wants you here.”

“Low rankers should go and jump off a cliff!”

Hostility in here is so thick I can cut it with my swords. I can’t worry about what they think I’ve got a match ahead of me.

“Focus yourself Rioichi, you got this remember everything you were taught by master.”

“Can’t wait to show up this fool and throw him out of here for good.”

“Hold on you were the gate this morning and gave me directions. I must thank you for that.”

“Keep your thanks F-Rank, just be ready to get lost after I beat you.”

“I look forward to this as well.”

“Everyone ready? Let the battle begin!”

“I’ll finish in one strike.”

“Wyvern Vision.”

“Take this!”


“That did it!”

“Impressive technique!”


“If I didn’t dodge that could have been a problem for me.”

“Are you mocking me?”

“Not at all. Let’s continue.”

“Fine then.”

Man this is interesting, even without my vision, I can see his attacks, and either dodge or copy and counter them with my

own moves. The crowd is equally shocked by my movements.

“What’s going on this can’t be right Murakami should have beaten him into submission by now!”

“The F-Rank is just dodging and countering his attacks.”

“How are you this good? There’s no way a person here in Japan would train you with your ranking.”

“Someone did train me how to fight for 7 years. He didn’t care what my ranking was, he just accepted it took me under his


“Training or not I’m ending this now! Hurricane Charge!”

“Ready, 5% output!”

“Let’s see you dodge this!”

“Dust Storm!”


“What's going on down there it's like the wind controlled at will!”

"I thought he was an F-Rank who is this guy?"

"Who are you really? Tell me!"

"My name is Rioichi Sakuraba. Thank you for the fight, but I must end this now. Wyvern Slash!"

"Oh... you bastard!"

"Match concluded winner is Rioichi Sakuraba!"

"I did it let's get out here I need to speak with Yui, after all school is done for the day and the last thing I need is people asking me questions about who I am or what type of training I went through to learn those skills."

With everyone int he crowd was trying to shift into perspective of what just happened I got out there as fast as I could to meet Yui outside of the school gates. At the same time though I unaware of being watched by some a red-haired girl who took an interest in us for her own reasons.

"Rioichi Sakuraba. There's more to him than meets the eye. How does a guy like him get ranked F and yet have that kind of power stored within him. Also it looks like he was only using a small fraction of his power. One thing is for sure though I was going to compete solo this time, but with him on my team I know I can win this whole tournament in a single blow. The only thing that stands in my way is her. Just you wait Yui Tachibana I will steal that boy away from you and make him my own consider this payback knocking me off from the number 1 spot."